My name is Natasha and im a stay at home mum living in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.  I have a wonderful husband, Martin, with whom i have two children Kealan and Elyse.  At home we also have my daughter Amy and Martin’s children Kirsty and Mark. N&MWedding-104

Here Kealan is with Daddy and Elyse is a nestled in my tummy (not only could i not have a drink on my wedding day i also couldnt stomach my beautiful meal, thanks Elyse)!  Kirsty is my bridesmaid and Amy is my flower girl.

I worked through Amy’s childhood and i am grateful every day to Martin for supporting me to fulfil my dream of being a full time mummy.  And with 16 months between Kealan and Elyse i now scoff at my previous 50 hour a week career, this is proper full time, 24/7.

So why am i writing a blog?  Well i’ve 3 kids of my own, 2 step kids, a degree in psychology and previous successful career as a retail manager but when it comes to parenting ive still have no clue what im doing.  This blog started as a private journal, password protected for sharing with a few friends only.  So im not pretending to have parenting advice or any advice for that matter.  But in my quest to find ways to entertain and educate my babies i found so many wonderful mums out there sharing their daily trials and tribulations and it was so helpful to see what other people were doing.  So i thought id join in and maybe someone will enjoy following my babies progress and get a little inspiration.  My blog is called all birds are ducks because at about 18months Kealan was very, very certain of this ‘fact’.  I remember thinking that i wanted to remember him shouting “duck, duck , DUCKKKKK” at every bird he saw and simply refusing to believe anything else.  So, my blog is to ensure that i will be able to remember all these wonderful moments forever.

We live on my husband’s manager wage and the bank account is always empty just before pay day but we are very happy.  My kids have more toys than they should but i shop cleverly and most things are bought from Gumtree.  My husband and i share a car and i always go to the reduction cabinet first at the supermarket but we eat good food everyday and i know that leaving my job was the best thing i ever did.

So please excuse the typos and know that im only learning how to do all this.  I have utilised so many wonderful resources from other mums and i do hope that within time i will figure out how to link back to all the sites ive used.

Thanks, Natasha x

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