Week 54 – 2nd November 2015 – swinging and singing

Kealan is 35 months and Elyse is 19 months.

Monday we had a trip to gymnastics. With sheepie enjoying himself as well.   

 Tuesday daddy took them to soft play as I wasn’t feeling very well. Infact it was a week of illness all round so this journal entry will be minimal!

We had some rice play in the evening. But of course just pushing the diggers about in it or scooping it into saucepans wasn’t enough for my guys. Oh no, they had to get in it and then they had to get naked and get in it.   


Then a real bath was needed.   

 On Wednesday we had a lovely play date at arlenes. Kealan fell in love with some toy helicopters but still managed to torture quite a bit.

Later Elyse went mad!

Video – Elyse new language.

Thursday was playgroup and they actually enjoyed eachothers company (briefly).  

Kealan actually joined in with singing the nursery rhymes for the first time. And we lost Elyse to sleepy land on the way home.

Friday we had playgroup again, this time Kealan was not in good form and had a massive tantrum during the songs. No two days the same!

After dinner ice creams.   

 Saturday Kealan sung! This never happens!

Video – Kealans first nursery rhyme.
We went to a mums market and got some lovely toy bargains and this lovely outfit for Christmas.

 Sunday Hubbie took them out for soft play and then McDonald’s. They had a wonderful time and mummy got the garage cleared out (oh the fun I have).

Picture of the week:-   

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