Week 53 – 26th October 2015 – my blog enters its second year

Kealan is 34.5 months and Elyse is 18.5 months.

On Monday we had a play date at our house with new friends – mum Freda, Alfie and Lucy and Lisa and Oscar. Elyse was in terrible form, crying throughout and desperate to climb on me and not let me go. She mustn’t be well. 

In the afternoon Kealan continued on his work on the letter f and is getting much better at jigsaws.   

On Tuesday Amy and I took them to Peter pans, they had a wonderful time  

Wednesday we had a halloween party at playgroup. Kealan was batman and Elyse wore the evil minion costume I made for her. As you can see from the pictures she ate bun after bun after bun and went to bed that afternoon needing no lunch.

 In the evening Hubbie set up a great game building walls of megabloks for Kealan and Elyse to drive cars at down the slide. Kealan started building walls and towers and he was engaged with this for ages. It carried on at the breakfast table the next day.   


With Hubbie on late night he was able to take them to soft play in the morning and I got my filthy house cleaned a bit. Amys friend Emily came round in the afternoon and Kealan adores her. Great peace for me while the babies tortured them instead.

Friday the babies took a trip out to nanny and grandads for a couple of hours while I completed the prep for our big halloween play date. And in the evening we went to a Halloween party at a big soft play in another town. I was a bit disappointed that Elyse didn’t win a prize for her costume but both of them had a wonderful time. Elyse got punched in the face by a little boy and sent flying when she crashed into loads of older kids but wasn’t bothered, she just keep charging about. At one point she actually climbed the netting like Spider-Man.  

On Saturday it was Halloween and we had our big play date – click here to see separate post.

We decorated the front of the house in the evening but we didn’t have a single trick or treater.


And gorgeous Amy went to a party as Minnie Mouse.     

Of course Kealan spotted her face paint and wanted his done. And then he gave himself a beard. We then had some sparklers. I was sure he’d be scared but he thought they were brilliant and would have done them all night if we’d had enough!  

We finished the day with a special bath.  

Sunday morning the castle/winnies house was a big hit.  

And then there was a trip in the autumn sunshine to the park.

 So a busy week for us but I feel so excited that our play date went well and feel inspired to do another on again soon.

Photo of the week:-   

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