Halloween play date 2015

Kealan is 34.5 months and Elyse is 18.5 months.

My blog began with our 2014 Halloween play date so I knew we had to have another one this year. We invited all our friends but a lot were visiting family over the half term break. Wonderfully Arlene, Darragh and aoife, Geraldine, harry and Jamie and Lisa and Oscar were able to come. Poor Tobi wasn’t feeling very well and mum tripped and hurt her ankle the night before so they missed the fun.

The activities

I prefer my themed play dates to have a literacy component and it’s also a good excuse to buy toys to go along with our favourite books. I don’t really have spare money for play dates but if we have some things to keep at the end of it then it seems less extravagent. I planned to do Room on the Broom as there are some gorgeous toys to go with it but at £8 for each character and 6 characters to get I really couldn’t warrant it.    

(I do still want these though and will maybe start buying them gradually.)

We’re big Winnie the witch fans in our house so that was the next obvious choice. I was super excited to discover what seems to be a reasonably rare Winnie the witch doll on ebay and managed to win it.

Obviously any Winnie book would have worked but Kealan has been very interested in pumpkins. He enjoyed our Halloween day out the previous weekend were we got to pick and carve our pumpkins. So I chose this one:-

In the story Winnie has trouble getting her vegetables home from the market so she casts a spell to help grow some instead. It goes wrong and giant vegetables engulf her house. She hollows out a huge pumpkin and is left with the shell which she transforms in to a helicopter to transport her vegetables instead.

So the props I needed were a broomstick (easy), winnies house (tricky), a helicopter made out of a pumpkin (hmmm).

So very late one evening I took a trip through a questionable area of belfast to collect this for £10. 

This is winnies house:-  

I was very excited when I realised that the castle was constructed from lots of bits of wood slotted together. So I was able to take it apart and rebuild its inside out which saved me painting it (plus I can turn it back and Kealan has a pretty awesome castle again.)  

I made the broomstick and helicopter pumpkin to the best of my ability and some magic wands for the kids.  

I set it all up and gathered my guests for the story.


The kids had a chance to plant some seeds in a tray of soil and wave their magic wands and shouted abracadabra to help winnies garden grow. 

Then i unveiled the vegetable covered house.   

 They seemed to find this quite exciting and were straight over to investigate. This made the rest of the story a little challenging but I got their attention again with the helicopter pumpkin.  

Of course the mummies all laughed at my insanity but the kids all wanted it and for some strange reason immediately pulled the tomatoes off the house and posted them in the helicopter.

 Next we moved on to our craft activity. I bought plain witches hats and some sparkly stickers and behold a simple but very effective task. The little ones needed help peeling the backs off the stickers but Oscar, Darragh and Harry managed wonderfully and put fantastic effort into their creations.   

 When they were happy with the hats I gave the little ones their sensory activity. I’d coloured rice in halloween colours and placed in lots of bugs and other halloween items.    

 I had set up the bigger kids version of this activity at the table – making witches potions.

Broken up candysticks – witches teeth

Candy floss – spider webs

Custard dyed grey – blended slugs

Spaghetti dyed green – worms

Gelli play – mashed snakes

Plus lots of bug, bats, rats, and halloween confetti.

They all took this activity very seriously and the buckets had to be prised from Oscar and harry in order to serve the lunch!   

 Throughout, Jamie and aoife enjoyed the rice loads and found some interesting places to put it!  

And finally my good friends had brought the lunch for everyone.

 So we had a wonderful morning. The activities were a hit and all the children were wonderfully well behaved. Thanks to all who came.



3 thoughts on “Halloween play date 2015

    1. Hey Jill, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.My blog isn’t very organised but you might enjoy some of my other playdates. Here’s a couple:- https://allbirdsareducks.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/our-very-hungry-caterpillar-play-date/
      And https://allbirdsareducks.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/fairy-playdate/
      Hope links work. Scooping and pouring seems to be a huge hit with all kids aged from 1-5. Messy but well worth it!


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