Week 52 – 19th Oct 2015 – more halloween fun

Kealan is 34.5 months and Elyse is 18.5 months.

Monday was a stay at home sensory play day. We started with jelly – to be specific it was a dinosaur jelly party!   

 We then tried some painting. I cut some pumpkins out of cardboard and unusually Kealan put some effort into this. Elyse however sucked paint off her paintbrush, licked her pumpkin and then put the bowl of paint on her head. Fab.  

After dinner Kealan was very cross that there was no jelly left to play with so I got out my last box of gelli play and they loved it. This stuff is amazing, messy, but offers a wonderful sensory experience and my two just love to scoop and pour. 

On Tuesday we tried a new playgroup and they were both thrilled with all the new toys to play with (but not so chuffed with the lack of biscuits).

 And I managed to get the halloween decorations up in the afternoon.   


And that night was to be elyses first night in her new room. As soon as we sat down for stories I could tell she was frightened and when I tried to lay her in the cot the screaming began. I tried to settle her but she was too scared and she ended up back in her old room.

Wednesday and Thursday we went to our usual playgroups and after settling Elyse in to her new room for her naps and then at night she is now finally happy in her new space.

Friday was also playgroup with the climbers.

And totschool continues in the afternoons with the letter f. His colouring is much improved and he is really enjoying all the worksheets. Still doesn’t know any letters yet mind u!  

But later that evening the demands Kealan puts on me all day took their toll. He’s an amazing little boy but he asks me for things almost non stop all day. He has also become extremely cheeky and never amuses himself, preferring to follow me around asking me things. So I snapped and yelled which of course had very little impact on Kealan but has made me realise I need to think again about how to tackle Kealans behaviour.

On Saturday we joined the sticky fingers early years art team for a magical halloween event. We took a ride on a ghost train, took a spooky walk through the trees, picked and carved pumpkins, met witches, a scarecrow, a wizard and a pretty awesome dragon.

   Elyse was a little apprehensive but they were less scared than I had expected and we had a great time. Kealan made a flying bat on a stick which he is very pleased with it was a brilliant start to halloween week activities.

In the afternoon we did loads of totschool work – lacing, cutting, sticking, colouring and puzzles.   

Sunday the babies took a trip to the park with daddy. I don’t believe it’s related to my yelling but Kealans has been much more pleasant for the last two days and is even managing to be nice to Elyse! 

Picture of the week:-


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