Elyse at 18 months

Last week baby girl turned 18 months and I suppose she really can’t be called a baby any more. She’s definately a toddler, with more attitude and opinion than I thought possible in a person.

So I wanted to do a little summary of what’s she’s like right now (absolutely bonkers).

First some pics of the last year and a half:-




No! – Elyse is extremely strong minded. She will not have her teeth brushed (when u read this back in later years Elyse you will know the reason for all your fillings) and I can’t even see her toenails, let alone cut them because she kicks that hard when I even try to hold her foot. She now refuses help on steps or stairs, smacking my hand away and shouting NO!! This also goes for nappy changes, unless she instructs me to change it and then it’s ok.

Elyse – NO!!

Climbing – She climbs constantly and luckily she’s very good at it. She can now navigate her way around soft play areas which Kealan has only been able to do lately too.

Sibling love-Elyse idolises her brother. Every morning she wakes first and after she drinks her milk we look at some books and wait for Kealan to wake up. As soon as we see he’s awake I ask her does she want to see him and she leaps up like a maniac screaming bobo bobo and runs over to the counter to get his bobo and scrambles up the stairs to the living room. Elyse follows him around everywhere and copies everything he does. Kealan is not so keen on her at the minute but does ask for her if she’s not with him and there are rare displays of affection. 


Hoogledoogle flop flop flop

And then sometimes (a lot of times) things are not just as harmonious. And you said no!

Minions – about a month ago Elyse discovered television. A child who previously wouldn’t watch a full episode of Peppa Pig has become besotted with Minions. She’s happily sat through the entire despicable me 2 movie several times. And fallen asleep twice! Oops. 

Bunny – As you can see above Elyse has a friend. Bunny goes everywhere but she doesn’t call it bunny. She refers to it with a fake cry. And should she see a bunny in a book or on tv she has to get her own one to hold. I love the comfort it brings to her. She runs the fur through her fingers as she falls asleep and wants it when she hurts herself.


Language – Elyses’ language hasn’t been quite as advanced as Kealans’ was and her words aren’t very clear. I’ve written a list of the words she says and uses appropriately on a daily basis but many of these might not be clear to anyone but me.  There are about 80 in the list but I’m sure it’s not comprehensive so I estimate she has about 100 words at 18 months which I’m pleased with.

Words uses:-

Hello, hiya, bye bye, night night, mama, gaga (daddy), keeyan (Kealan) yeya (Amy), nan nan (nanny), bobo, dodo, ta ta, more, gone, uh oh, some, again, stuck, no, yuk, yum yum, hot, burp, Fartman (fart), poo poo, pee pee, cup, pasta, tayto (potato), Apple, cheese, eggs, fork, spoon, woof woof (dog), cat, baa (sheep), cockadoodledoo (all chickens), goat, moo (cows), quack quack (duck), farmer, tree, tiger, frog, hippo, snap snap (crocodile), roar (lion or dinosaur), zebra, giraffe, (makes horse, elephant, snake, pig noises and does an awesome fish face), panda, turtle, shark, spider, butterfly, man, girl, ba ba (baby), book, fireman, car, truck, minion, ball, socks, coat, shoes, yellow (all colours), purple, chair, bath, colour (colouring in)

Sleep – currently Elyse still sleeps in our walk in wardrobe. But is about to be moved in to her very own room for which I will post pics of soon. She sleeps from 2pm to 4.30pm and from 8.30pm to 7.15am every day. In the last 6 months she’s only been up in the night twice and another two night just needed her dodo given back to her.

So…little Elyse, once a tiny spec of life at her granny’s funeral and a delicate flutter in my tummy on my wedding day is now a stunning, boisterous toddler who is rising out of the shadows of her big brother. Her fantastic personality, whilst challenging at times, is wonderful to see. We joke that she’s gonna be trouble and maybe she will be but no matter what she’ll be worth it.

One thought on “Elyse at 18 months

  1. Already a little girl with a huge personality – sweet and loving and yet gleefully naughty. Having an intelligence and a sense of independence more than usual for your 18 months, you amaze me and I love you to bits.


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