Week 51 – 12th Oct 2015 – halloween begins

Kealan is 34 months old and Elyse is 18 months old.

Monday was gymnastics as usual. 

In the afternoon Kealan was excited about his new melissa and Doug puzzle and enjoyed his totschool work.   

 For the most part he is still able to name these shapes despite not having done much work on them for ages.

Tuesday was a trip to Peter pans which went very well until Elyse burned her tongue on her lunch and screamed until we left.  

Wednesday was playgroup with rhyme time.

   Thursday we had playgroup again and they played together quite a lot and little Elyse made a lovely Snow White.

In the afternoon I found Kealan admiring himself.   

 We’ve been doing a little bit of work on the letter e and had a special bath.   

On Friday we enjoyed a third playgroup of the week and in the afternoon there was some totschool for Kealan. We then took a trip to see daddy at work as he took an exercise class at the front of the store for charity. So proud of him and the babies thought it was very exciting and displayed some fantastic exercise moves when we got home.  

On Saturday Kealan and Elyse went with amy out to their nanny and Grandads house. They had made them a den but while Kealan was too scared to go in, Elyse bulled on in of course.   

Tired babies before bed with their new favourite show – Winnie the Pooh.  

 On Sunday we started the day with a trip to the park. They have found a new game, kicking their wellies off when on the swing and seeing who’s goes the furthest. Everyone thought we were mad.  

Wellie contest   

My little helicopter pilot/maniac.
In the afternoon, I set up some sensory play at a local primary school halloween party and my little ones got to play too.   

And whilst Kealan had refused to wear it to the party he did put his costume on later that evening.   

Picture of the week:-


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