Week 50- 5th Oct 2015 – Our letter E fail

Kealan is 34 months and Elyse is 18 months.

Monday was our weekly trip Salto gymnastics. We put sheepie and bunny at the top of the climbing wall and Kealan and Elyse pretended to be firemen and climbed up to rescue their best buddies.   

 We then went to collect a chair for elyses new room. They fought over who was going to sit on it for quite a while and then came up with this compromise.  

Tuesday we tried a new soft play place -The Fun House. We had a great time, I think Peter pans will remain our favourite but it was great to go somewhere new.   

 Wednesday was a trip to soft play again with daddy while I caught up on some housework.

Thursday was mother and toddlers of course and we finally managed to start some work on the letter e.   

Friday we went to feed the animals at the petting farm, had a picnic and went to the park with nanny. Unfortunately Elyse has decided to shorten peacock by leaving out the first bit. It’s times like these I’m very glad her speech isn’t as clear as Kealans was.   

 Saturday was a day at home with nanny entertaining for a while so that I could continue work on Amys new room. Then in the evening we had dinner out. Kealan was very excited about this idea and I’m again concerned that our boy is going to expect a lifestyle that I cannot maintain.  

Sunday daddy took the babies to the park and at last I got our house back in some kind of shape. Redecorating two rooms at once is taking its toll on my ability to stay on top of the chores. And yes that is a bottle of kitchen spray in Kealans hand. Well it’s a bottle that was spray that’s has since been emptied and cleaned repeatedly and filled regularly with fresh water. It’s the latest obsession and has caused a few (quite judgemental) stares from other parents. Hey, it’s better than the kettle stage we went through.   

 And so, u may have noticed little or no work and certainly no progress on the letter E. I had to reinstate Kealans naps towards the end of the week as he was far too tired and almost impossible after 4pm. So the letter e will carry forward to next week. I still have no prep or plan and with elyses room nearing completion I’m not sure we will fare much better.

Picture of the week:-  

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