Week 49 – 28th Sept 2015 – D for dinosaur

Kealan is 33.5 months and Elyse is 17.5 months. Totschool focus letter was d, colour was green and shape was triangle.

On Monday morning we had a lovely visit from Geraldine and Jamie and then we took our usual trip to gymnastics.   

In the afternoon I introduced Kealan to the letter d and he spent some time colouring and working on some prewriting skills.   

 He is progressing quite well with his alphabet song although the letter p must be his favourite because it features twice everytime he sings – Kealans a,b,c video.

On Tuesday we braved a day at home! It was a nice day and I filled the water table for them in the garden. Finally an activity that entertained for more than 60 seconds!  

And then I miscalculated nap time for the first time and this happened while I was making the lunch. 

While Elyse napped Kealan and I carried on with tot school. He enjoyed lacing again and then made a dinosaur picture with some stickers.   

Wednesday we had playgroup with nanny and again Kealan played football and Elyse played with the baby chairs. 

Kealan really enjoyed totschool today and did some colouring, dotting the lower case d’s, puzzles and some great prewriting on our dry erase board.   

Thursday was hubbies birthday and morning babies were excited to help open the present (but then very disappointed that it was a coffee machine and not toys).  

We had our usual trip to playgroup and then Hubbie and I had a lovely afternoon away with a gorgeous lunch by the sea. (We then went shopping for wallpaper for elyses bedroom which of course I enjoyed but maybe wasn’t much of a birthday treat!)  

Friday we went to scallywags. I’m always aware of how grown up Elyse is but it became very apparent today. There were 3 other girls playing near Elyse but in comparison to her they looked like babies, it turned out that they were all between 3 and 6 months older than her. 

  And of course she was the one wanting the roundabout to go faster! Lunatic.

Saturday morning they got to go back to soft play again, this time with nanny and Amy.

And in the afternoon Kealan did some more work on his letter d pack with gluing, stamping and we also started some number work with pegs.

He also went on a green hunt and helped me set up elyses table. He enjoyed playing with it before she got to it too and did a great job sorting the green animals from the green vehicles.

In the evening we had a special dinosaur bath with green water and a dino swamp filled with green gelli play. Kealan was very unhappy about the goo to start off with but he came round. Elyse enjoyed scooping and pouring of course.   

 Sunday daddy took them to the park in the morning and Amy and I sold some stuff at a car boot sale in the afternoon. Of course I bought a few toys too and got a marble run which I’ve been after for a while. It was very popular and entertained them for ages.  

Another week has flown by and with so much work to be done to complete Amys room and elyses room not to mention work on christmas presents (and Kealans lack of naps) I’m struggling to make much progress but I am very excited about the work we’ve done so far and can’t wait for baby girl to have her own space.

Photo of the week:-



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