Week 48 – 21st sept 2015 – Trips, tot school and tantrums

Kealan is 33.5 months and Elyse is 17.5 months. Totschool focus this week – letter c, colour yellow and heart shape.

Monday began with a trip to gymnastics and nanny came too.  Although she may have regreted it!   

And Kealan tried out a new skill. Hula hooping video

In the afternoon, Oscar came to play with Kealan. Well he more played with Kealans toys while Kealan watched (he hasn’t quite got the hang of playing with someone yet!)  

Tuesday we took a trip to a new place, Gosford forest park. They’ve built a fab new playpark and whilst it was a bit big for them they managed it with help.   

And it’s times like this that I’m glad our car windows are tinted and no one can see in!  

After dinner Elyse practised her cutest new word – delicious.

Wednesday we went to playgroup and daddy came too. Kealan loved jumping on the bouncy castle with Hubbie but Elyse was focussed on the baby chair for the third week in a row. The buckle obsession grows.  

With Kealans afternoon nap now firmly a thing of the past we have a regular slot for tot school. As soon as Elyse goes to sleep he starts asking to do school. This week the focus is the letter c and for Elyse it’s the colour yellow and heart shape.  

And we had a special bath in the evening. This was not discussed beforehand and as soon as Elyse walked into the bathroom she started shouting minion and then yellow. It was very clear. I was astounded (still am)! 

Thursday we began with some painting. I taped out their initials on wooden hearts which they then painted.   

Then it was playgroup – only my two could end up stuck like this!   

Afternoon totschool was a great success with Kealan at last beginning to master scissors. I drew some lines across card for him to cut and he did well.  

Thursday evening we attempted a trip to the shops. Elyse ransacked Gap and then threw the worst tantrum I’ve ever witnessed – we had to leave! Once back in car she was all smiles. She hates shopping, that and she’s a complete psycho!

Friday they wore their new clothes (from the only shop we went into) to playgroup and Kealan was in wonderful form.

They even managed to be friends later in the day although Kealan is very tired from lack of naps.

 On Saturday nanny and I popped to the shops on our way to the petting farm. Elyse managed to make Thursday nights shopping tantrum seem insignificant and had to be carried out of Next by one arm and one leg kicking and screaming. We had only been at the shops for 15 mins but the melt down was epic. I think we will be avoiding the shops in future. Kealan too was upset that we wouldn’t buy him the red stilettos he wanted. Oh dear!

So then we went to feed the animals, play in the park and had a picnic.  

Certainly seemed to have tired them out! 


Saturday evening we went out for a bite to eat with the little ones. Although when we arrived Hubbie and I both realised that this was a risky move given elyses recent behaviour and we spent the first half an hour very on edge.   

A few seconds after this picture she did throw her cup across the restaurant and continued to throw anything she could reach. But thankfully once the food arrived things settled down and they both loved their dinner.

Sunday we went to the park and then to the cinema in the hope that the minions movie would cast the same spell as despicable me 2 does. 

It didn’t and we left half way through the movie. 

So we finished our shape craft with glitter. Elyse ate quite a lot of glitter…as usual.  

They turned out well.  

At elyses nap time Kealan and I went to totschool. He practised using the scissors again and did some colouring. We went for a letter c treasure hunt around the house and made a c table.   

Kealan also helped me put together elyses yellow table.  

And that night we had a heart bath.  

As you can probably tell, this bath took 5 mins to prepare but I was thrilled how much they enjoyed it. The water was coloured red and had little plastic hearts on the bottom. Both Kealan and Elyse loved collecting the hearts and putting them in jugs and bowls and then tipping them out again.

Picture of the week:-  

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