Week 47 – 14th sept 2015 – Tortoise toilet and totschool

Kealan is 33 months and Elyse is 17 months.

Monday began with a trip to scallywags soft play with friend Geraldine and Jamie. We managed some chat and they enjoyed the little activity that was put on for them – decorating a biscuit, and eating it of course.   

 Monday evening we started the letter B in totschool with some colouring and the roll and race game.

Tuesday was a super busy day with the morning spent at Peter pans of course. Elyse cackled with glee when we drove in to the carpark. All four of us went down the slide and then raced to get back up to the top to do it again, and again, and again…and well you get the idea. No decent pics due to the frantic tearing about!   

 And after that Hubbie and I got to go out on our own!!! Ok, so it was a trip to collect elyses bedroom furniture that I bought off gumtree but still, it was nice. So super excited to get her nursery started now. Can think of nothing else.

Wednesday morning Elyse and I took some selfies and whilst I captured some beautiful ones of her, my no makeup morning look is not one for photos!   

Then it was bouncy castle fun place, aka playgroup. Elyse mostly enjoyed the baby bouncers and swing chairs (the buckle obsession continues) and Kealan spent quite some time trying to bounce a ball.  

Kealan ball skills video
As always Elyse received lots of compliments for her outfit and I was asked were they twins. This is daily now so I imagine it’ll always be this way as the age gap will become less and less obvious. I have to admit it that I do love it though.

After playgroup we went home, had our lunch as usual and shortly after Kealan went for his number 2’s. This has started to become a lengthy process whereby he simply sits on the loo and swings his legs shouting “I’m not finished” should u dare go near him. However, it was time for Elyses’ nap so I was trying to hurry him up (if I left him either one of two things would happen:- a) the second I got upstairs and settled Elyse on the bed he would start screaming that he was finished over and over again until I left her and sorted him out or b) he would start wrecking about on my cream living room carpet with a poop bum! Yay.) So in response to my “come on Kealan, hurry up” I got “mummy, I’m being a tortoise”. Now at this point I sat down on the toddler step and began to puzzle over this response. My little boy had spent very little time without me, I know what he’s been exposed to and what stories/concepts he knows. The tortoise and the hare is not something he knows nor did I expect him to being able to connect doing something slow with the fact that tortoises are slow. So I simply asked him what he meant and he said “look mummy, I’m being a tortoise”. Well, he had pulled the lid of the toilet down on to his back and had decided this was his shell. I absolutely burst with laughter. Tortoise toilet is now a daily event.

Thursday was mother and toddlers and as usual what one does the other must do!   

 In the evening Kealan did some great work in totschool. He’s now asking to ‘do school’ from he gets up. I don’t feel that he is getting very far with being able to recognise the letters but his concentration levels are improving.   

 Friday morning i took some grumpy babies to playgroup. Kealans back at the height of crazy demands and neurotic behaviour. He demanded a pound to bring in to playgroup which of course he lost. When I found it again he was upset that it no longer had a fish on it!!! Pounds don’t have fish on them. But he cried about it for ten minutes anyway. Argh!!!

He seems to have taken a shine to Maeve though and sat with her to complete a peg puzzle. He’s not been wonderful at puzzles, he just seems to see the shape and not the picture but this one was reasonable challenging and he stuck at it so I was chuffed.  

Elyses’ totschool colour this week is blue and her sensory table did get some play time.   

 And we had a balloon special bath.   

 This night I didn’t get Kealan settled til nearly 10pm so I’ve decided to drop his nap again for a while and see if our day goes better.

Saturday morning nanny and Amy took them to soft play while I cleaned the house.     

And in the afternoon, with no nap, Kealan and I had time for totschool. His letter b table didn’t get much use but he did some great lacing and dot marker work.

And then he kept asking to do more. He completed his shape puzzles with ease.

But on Sunday night I paid for the lack of nap with Kealan up crying a few times and Elyse was actually up too for the first time in 6 months.   

 On Sunday morning, with daddy working a long shift it was up to me to do the park trip. Amy came too and it was a nice trip out especially because the weather is getting colder and soon the park won’t be possible.


So another week goes by and I’m not feeling very confident about totschool. I’d high hopes he would be more interested in letters but while he does love the room and doing some of the printables he doesn’t like looking at the letters or being quizzed on them. Maybe it’s going in a bit.

Picture of the week:-  

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