Week 46 – 7th Sept 2015 – red apples and red babies

Kealan is 33 months and Elyse is 17 months.

Monday began with some water play at the sink. When Kealan was the age Elyse is now he used to spend every morning doing this but guess I’m a bit lazier these days! Kitchen was soaked but they had a good time.  

Then we went to gymnastics and thankfully the behaviour was much better this time.   

 In the evening, Elyses’ totschool time was on the colour red. She had a red sensory table filled with red toys and red items from our sorting set on a base of rice.

 Kealan played a game of roll and race whereby he had to roll a dice with capital and small letter a’s and then stick down the one he rolled on the corresponding ladder. He had to keep rolling until one letter reached the top. This game was great for identifying the upper case and lower case letter a’s and Kealan loved throwing the dice.  

Tuesday was back to our term time routine with a trip to Peter pans soft play.    

Recently moved out stepson mark came home for dinner and Kealan was thrilled to see him.  

Then they had a very simple “special bath” on the colour red.  

On Wednesday we went to “bouncy castle fun place”. Elyse spent most of the time playing with the baby bouncy chair again. Managed to get one blurry picture of nanny on the bouncy castle.  

In the evening, Kealan had a sensory letter A table, used our new counters to cover the lower case a’s and did some stamping.   

On Thursday our favourite playgroup started back after the summer break. Kealan was happy to run up to olive and request nursery rhymes and Elyse enjoyed loved the prams.  

Our Thursday evening activity was meant to be making apple crumble but to be honest I couldn’t face the mess so I just made it myself. It was yummy.

On Friday we also went to playgroup. I’d love to stay at home some days but Kealan talks from the second he wakes up until he goes to sleep and I need some peace. Here is just a few of the questions I got asked as we walked to playgroup. “Mummy, where’s that car going?”, “who’s that man?”, “what”, “mummy are you walking?”, “why?”, “where’s my clacky fing?”, “what?”, “where’s daddy?(at least 50 times a day), always followed by “why?”, “mummy, do you have feet?, “what?”, “why?”. I have no brain left!  

I’m the evening our totschool activities started with Apple printing. It was…messy!   

  Later Kealan and I used kool aid Apple PLAYDOUGH to make apples and worms for the PLAYDOUGH may.   

 And he did really well with the letter a lacing card.  

Friday we fed the animals at the petting farm and had a brief trip to the park before daddy went to work.   

 In the evening Kealan and I worked on the number 1 and some colouring.   

He also knew all these shapes except the hexagon. I was surprised as we haven’t talked about shapes much for a long time.  

And the despicable me spell continues!  

Sunday was the usual morning trip to the park and bun shop with daddy. 

We started our new totschool topics with a circles sensory table for Elyse and an introduction to the letter b for Kealan.    


Picture of the week:-  

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