Our new school room

Ive already posted some pics of my new school room before it was finished but now I’m pretty happy with it so here’s some more.

My little ones are only 1 and 2 years old and I’ve no intention of homeschooling them but I have a schoolroom. Madness?! Yeah, probably but I’ve gathered quite a lot of educational toys, games and puzzles and I’m quite protective of them. I can’t bare to see bits of jigsaws lying about or pen marks on things so I’ve had most of it hidden away out of sight. But my two need more exposure to stuff like this because my house is almost entirely baby proof with nothing lying about. So when they do get access to drawers, bookcases and cupboards they ransack the place and you’re left wondering whether to call the police or simply find somewhere new to live.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed decorating my playroomplayhouse and Kealans bedroom so this project was not a chore but was slightly different in that there was no budget. It has been kitted out entirely with stuff we already had and even used the bottom of an old pot of paint. The room itself is quite small and under the eaves and until a few months ago it wasn’t even a room. It didn’t have a wall or a door and was more an open space at the top of the house. Now thanks to a very talented joiner friend it’s a lovely private space with a purpose. Yay!     


The main wall holds a large felt map which has a huge amount of velcro landmarks, animals, rivers, mountains etc for them to play with. And below is a water table I’ve painted white. This will be used for their discovery boxes and sensory bins – like these ive done this week.

As these are likely to be very messy I’ve places some left over mats from the playroom floor underneath the table.  

On round, opposite the door ive painted one wall bright green and in the corner is an easel and our table and chairs. All this stuff has been sitting in the garage so it’s great to get it a home at last.  

I was thrilled to find this child safe lamp, originally ikea of course, in the charity shop for £1 and the ikea picture ledges are recycled from another room. The ledges will hold kealans letter of the week cards.   

Beside the table is a magnet board The next unit houses my printable worksheets and the two boxes hold the current and following weeks resources for totschool.    

On round is my desk and above some colourful picture frames (I’ve still to sort pics for all of these) and some shelves that match the kids table (I’ve still to sort books for these).  

This unit holds the day to day items of stationary:- scissors, glue, markers, crayons, chalk, pencils and stamping sets.  

These drawers hold sensory items, paint, sticker pads, craft items, PLAYDOUGH cutters etc.  

Our daily calender is hung at their height beside the door. 

And lastly, just below the steps up to their room this unit holds the puzzles, educational toys and phonics books. Sitting on top are the start of my story boxes. So far I’ve a very hungry caterpillar, we’re going on a bear hunt and Dr Seuss (I’ve dear zoo and guess how much I love you ones put away for Christmas).

So they’ve been in the room several times now and are starting to calm down enough to do a little bit of totschool. I hope my little ones enjoy learning in our colourful room. Please feel free to post any comments.

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