Week 45 – 31st August 2015 – Tv, trips and totschool

Kealan is 33 months and Elyse is 17 months old.

As it was Amys last chance to come with us we took a trip to gymnastics on Monday. We had some fun but overall it was ruined by multiple tantrums and ended with Kealan being dragged out screaming. I refused to give him his dummy in the car (I’ve really had it with his behaviour!). And he actually managed to ask/shout/scream for it without drawing breath for the entire 20 minute journey home.

 With Hubbie on late I was very pleased that amy was on hand at bath time (even if she did leave me a batch of selfies on my phone, which I can now get revenge for by posting one on this, ha ha!)   

 And Tuesday was Amys first day back at school. A third year now!

 The babies stayed in today and spent the morning playing with their nanny, as Hubbie and I stared redecorating Amys new room. I’m simultaneously working on my new school room/office and the babies discovered the easel when I was bringing it out of the garage. Elyse loved it and drew for ages, really need to start some art stuff with her.  

Wednesday was mother and toddlers (now nicknamed “the bouncy castle fun place” by Kealan). The both ran and bounced and slid their hearts out for two hours.  And Kealan was very well behaved!!!! Is this a turn back to good Kealan?! Might well be because Elyse turned into a clingy demon and they seem to like to take it in turns to test me (except for last Saturday at the party when they went for the double). She wouldn’t even let me look in the other direction without shouting mama mama mama as loud as she could.   


On Wednesday evening something remarkable happened. Kealan and Elyse watched a movie. These are two children who will barely sit through a full episode of peppa pig and they watched the whole of Despicable Me 2!!!!
Thursday was a bit of a disaster. Thinking our usual playgroup was back on I walked down with the babies in the buggy but it was closed. A morning with no plan! Not good. I made the mistake of popping into a charity shop and got 2 pairs of plastic dress up high heels for Elyse. Big mistake. Kealan demanded to walk round tesco wearing them and Elyse got wound up that I wouldn’t stand in the aisle for half an hour while she balanced on the edge of the buggy to play with the straps (her latest obsession). We ended up in a small version of w5 that is in a local shopping outlet and things calmed down a bit.   


By bath time I was not a happy mummy and I ended up yelling at Kealan. He just yelled back of course but then he stopped and said “mummy, I don’t want you to be cross, I want you to be happy. I’m gonna get something to make you feel better, no I’m gonna give you a kiss and then you’ll feel better and be happy again”. Needless to say his kiss worked and I was very happy.

Friday we went to scallywags soft play area before daddy went to work. Kealan managed the big section alone which for him is great but so did Elyse. She’s a wonderful climber with no fear/sense.  They had the most fun being spun round on the roundabout.   

And in the evening Amy started them dancing. Kealan was unstoppable and absolutely hilarious. 

Kealans fancy new moves.

And after having watched Despicable Me a further two times Kealan has perfected his “bad minion” face. 

On Saturday morning Amy and nanny took Kealan and Elyse to the park but autums hit already and it was too cold for them. So they ended up back at w5. They enjoyed themselves though and Kealan continued his bad minion look.   


Sunday they got to spend the morning in the park of course. My new school room/office is not finished but it’s functional and as totschool recommences for us today here’s some pics. I’ve spent no money on this room (yet) and have just used stuff we already had.   

The felt map was a charity shop discovery, it’s very big and I’m thrilled to finally get it on the wall. The sensory table is a Plum sand table I got reduced from £60 to £11 and although it was a bit of a crime I painted the beautiful wood with white gloss to match the room.   

 Our ikea easel and table and chairs now have a home and the lamp was £1 in the charity shop.  

These tubs need labels as they hold a mass of sensory stuff, scoops, stickers pads, paper, craft items and paint.  

And this set of drawers holds the everyday stuff, pens, markers, crayons, scissors, glue and stampers. The desk will be a base for my totschool prep and Amys homework.  

This unit holds printable work sheets and the two red boxes hold the items for the current and following weeks.

And this unit just outside the room houses all our puzzles, games and educational toys. Also, our phonics books and the beautiful storage boxes above are my latest obsession. They come from the works and they do some based on famous children’s books. My collection began with the very hungry caterpillar and I now have a Dr Seuss one, we’re going on a bear hunt and guess how much I love you. I’ve a dear zoo one put away for Christmas that I’ve bought the books and animals to go in. My aim is to fill them with related toys, books and printables to make story boxes. I’ve high hopes a Gruffalo box will come out before Christmas as I’ve also bought Elyse all the toys and some my first Gruffalo books.

I aim to use letter of the week printables from thisreadingmama.com which focus on 6 words for each letter. Elyse will focus on one shape and one colour per week and also begin some drawing/colouring/painting and sticker work.

So, of course Kealan is starting with the letter Aa, again! Elyse will be covering the colour red, again and star shape.  

Her star sensory table. She already knows this word but prefers to sign it. She has a good vocabulary but lots of words sound the same as her pronounciation isn’t great. I repeated the word star over and over again while she looked at them and she definitely improved.  

We then did a simple picture. I gave her a piece of black foam paper and handed her gold stars to stick on. I’ve posted a little video below. Not that this is very remarkable but the difference between Kealan and Elyse is huge when it comes to this kind of stuff. She’s had very little exposure to stickers but understands they have only one sticky side, how to manipulate them in her hand to stick them down and how to space them out on a page. Kealan still does not do this (I think cause he doesn’t give a toss but not sure!)
Elyse star tot school video.
Kealan then did some work on the letter a with some colouring, gluing and letter a stamping.   

And for doing such good work they got a ‘special bath’ combining a is for astronaut for Kealan and stars for Elyse.


I drew what’s meant to be an astronaut and stuck up glow stars and glitter planets. I added more stars to the water and glow sticks. I also hung up a glow star mobile above the bath.

As they always do with special baths they loved it. Elyse put the you astronauts in and out of the space buggy and Kealan enjoyed washing the drawing off with a paintbrush.   

  So that was the end of our week but the start of totschool. Bit worried I’ll not keep up with all the prep. Especially now that my printer has packed in but won’t know if I don’t try!

Picture of the week:-  

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