Week 44 – 24th August 2015 – Busy babies

Kealan is 32.5 months and Elyse is 16.5 months old.

Hubbie was back to work this week after a lovely two week break but with his first shift a late night we managed to squeeze in a trip to salto gymnastics in the morning.

In the afternoon we had nanny round to play and then a trip to the park before bed.  

On Tuesday nanny and I took them to The Arthouse. A project aimed at developing the arts in young children. We used various materials to make pictures on the floor (well we were meant to, really they just moved the stuff about but still a great sensory experience for them).   

Then we had songs and stories. They weren’t wonderfully impressed but were well behaved despite the sullen expressions. Not sure rhyme time at the library gonna do much for them this term! 

Next I attempted some art with kealan but in typical kealan fashion he abandoned the collage after about 30 seconds in favour of holding a piece of the paper he took a liking to. He held this for the following couple of hours.  Obviously this is slightly worrying behaviour but for now I chose to believe that Kealan’s place on ‘the spectrum’ only makes him more interesting (it certainly hasn’t held him back yet!)

 And then the world ended. We realised we had lost sheepie. It had been a very short walk from the car to the Arthouse but sheepie had vanished. I had thought it had been left in the car but stomach churning realisation hit when I saw it wasn’t there. We searched and searched, asked in the few shops along the route we had taken, even in the bins. Eventually I found him sitting beside a tree on the other side of the car park. I was so excited to see sheepie I jump up and down! I hadn’t realised before just how much it means to me too. Of course it would be the heart ache of listening to my wee man cry but also the fact that I want him to always have it (obviously not in his hand but tucked away in a box somewhere that we can both take out every now and again and remember the comfort this scrawny thing offered my angel).  

On the way back home the babies were eating some of a tube of Pringles. Their first proper argument followed. This is home movie gold (maybe it’ll go viral) and shows just a snippet of the attitude I get all day!!!

‘And you said no’ video.

Tuesday evening we took a trip to scarva park in the rain. They had their puddle suits on and had a ball but it was a realisation that very soon it’ll be too cold for our after dinner trips out. How will I cope with the witching hour??!!  Kealan did decide to go down the very, very big tunnel slide but due to a wet slide and wet puddle suit he shot out the bottom like a bullet, missing the playground surface entirely and landing on the grass. There were a few tears of shock but he wasn’t hurt and it was terrible funny!

Wednesday I ventured to a new mother and toddler at a neighbouring town and it was brilliant. Big slide and bouncy castle. It was bright and clean and the kids loved it.  The slide is much scarier than it looks in the pictures, it’s high and bumpy and flips up at the bottom but missy was going down it before I even had us signed in!!!!  

Bouncy castle fun video

And in the evening they had another trip to the park with daddy! Very busy babies.

Thursday was daddy’s day off so as our last big treat of the summer we went back to our regular term time haunt, Peter Pans soft play and had a lovely lunch there too. Kealan used to need a lot of help to climb but he’s come on leaps and bounds and the difference in the last two months is huge. Elyse however, is able to climb up areas kealan is only able to do now. She’s just awesome in places like this. I regularly have people talk to her who clearly think she’s much older and have to tell them she’s only 16 months. 



And before daddy’s late night on Friday we headed to the petting farm and park. My camera found itself on a black and wipe filter and I left it on to see what I got. Some nice ones.   

On Saturday we went to one of kealans friends birthday party but they were both very grumpy probably because they were out of routine. Both of them screaming at me at the same time lead initially to some chuckles from other guests but after a while I’m sure we were quite annoying.   

And Sunday was the weekly trip to the park with daddy while I got my house back in some kind of shape. My new totschool room is also nearly finished so will post pics soon.

So they had a busy week but kealans behaviour was pretty poor with lots of shouting, cheekiness and tantrums. And Elyse has hit that age (nearing 18 months) that I find very challenging – total frustration at her lack of ability to do the things she wants or communicate her needs. Plus, she’s no longer willing to take any more crap from kealan so the fighting has begun. I have to admit I walked away a few times towards the end of the week to let them sort it out for themselves. So next week we will be getting amy settled back to school, enjoying playgroups starting back and redecorating rooms as my older step kids have left home. The week after that I will be starting tot school again with both kealan and Elyse. Im really looking forward to it with new supplies, new Printables and my lovely new school room.

Picture of the week:-


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