Week 43 – 17th August 2015 – play date, parks and pony rides

Kealan is 32 months and Elyse is 16 months.

On Monday we had a lovely play date at Magdelena, Tobi and Lilous house. Kealan was quite afraid of their dogs (the only child that was of course) and Elyse tipped a cup of coffee (cold thank goodness) over her head but we had lots of fun on the trampoline and slide. 

On Tuesday we had a family trip to the seaside. We started at the park, picnic, ice creams, then had a splash in sea, pony rides, amusements and then bouncy castles. Phew!!  

 Elyse had a grumpy smile but followed Amy into the water over and over again. Kealan was a little less brave but did go in a bit. He was also very keen to go on the pony, that is until he got on the pony!!   

And the worlds grumpiest face goes to… Elyse!! 


The bouncy castles were brilliant though and there were many more smiles despite how tired they were.   

On Wednesday Hubbie took the babies to gymnastics and they had a great time. I love them going to this and am definately plotting it into our term time schedule.      

At lunchtime nanny minded Kealan and Elyse while Hubbie and I had a nice lunch at the hotel we got married in to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Two years married and almost ten years together and I’m so proud to be his wife. I love u my gorgeous man. Xx    

  On Thursday we just took a trip to a new park and enjoyed some sunshine. 


In the afternoon Elyse got out Mr potato head. I handed her a blank potato head and then turned round to chat to Kealan. Two mins later I found her with this!!! Still in total shock.  

On Friday we took another trip to an interactive science centre we’ve visited once before. Amys boyfriend Ben joined us as well and both Kealan and Elyse were besotted with him. Both babies loved the water tables the most and the picnic was very popular too.   

Readers will know that we focussed on the very hungry caterpillar and the butterfly life cycle this summer and raised baby caterpillars through to butterflies. When we got home from our day out it was sunny so we let all five butterflies go and “make new friends”. 

And ben remained very popular!  

Saturday we took a trip to the library and then nanny and Amy took them to the park. In the afternoon Amy and I had an afternoon treat with a haircut, meal and trip to the shops.   

And hubbies Sunday weekly trip out with Kealan and Elyse was cancelled due to torrential rain but thankfully Lisa and Oscar came round for a playdate.

Photo of the week:-  

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