Week 42 – 10th August 2015 – giraffe dislike, train trauma and disco ducks

Kealan is 32 months and Elyse is 16 months.

Monday was our second very hungry caterpillar play date with Arlene, Darragh and aoife, Magdelena, Lilou and Tobi and Emma, Issac and aoife. The format was the same as the previous week  


Everyone seemed to have a good time and I’ve heard they also enjoyed their gift bags at home.

At dinner time when i gave Kealan some fish he said “this was in the water yesterday”. I’ve never explained this to Kealan so was very impressed he made the connection.
On Tuesday we went to the zoo.   

For some reason Kealan did not like the giraffes but we all enjoyed seeing the animals. The baby gorilla was especially fun and gave Amy a high five through the glass much to the annoyance of his mother.   

Kealan entertained himself on the way home by playing with my phone. I later discovered 176 selfies, mostly all like this:-   

 On Wednesday we went to playgroup. They were both very well behaved and even Kealan participated in song time.  

In the evening we headed to the park and had fun rolling down the hill. 

 On Thursday we went to Bangor. Kealan was initially very apprehensive and took a long time to come round to the idea of going on the train or swan boats. He was happy to do things that were familiar like have our picnic or go to the park but he did enjoy the other things in the end.   

I had to hold Elyse by the back of her dress or she would happily have dived in to the water of course. She’s a crazy baby!!

 Tired babies back to the car for bobo’s.  

On Friday morning Kealan demanded to paint at breakfast time and then we took a trip to gymnastics. He had a brilliant time this week and actually hugged and kissed Elyse totally of his own accord.   

 On Saturday evening we had an unforgettable meal out. Elyse was hungry (huge understatement) and virtually drank two bowls of pasta and whatever else she could reach. Anything that wasn’t edible she threw across the restaurant!   

 Sunday daddy took them to the park as he always does now and again there was some genuine affection!  

Photo of the week:-  

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