Week 41 – 3rd August 2015 – Butterflies and monsters

Kealan is 32 months and Elyse is 16 months.

The week kicked off in dramatic fashion with our Very hungry caterpillar playdate (see previous post).  In the evening we took a trip to the shops and while I browsed daddy took the kiddies on the rides which was very popular.   

 On Kealan tried his very best to embarrass his big sister!  

On Tuesday we took a family trip to Seaforde tropical butterfly house. It was lovely but the babies were a bit frightened of the butterflies!

There were some other animals there too, Elyse loved the Terrapins.   

 But the most fun was had in the little play park, especially when daddy was a scary monster outside the playhouse window. Brilliant day out with 2, sorry 3, very well behaved kids.   

   Wednesday was a simple day. We went to playgroup in the morning and apart from a little competitiveness for my attention they were very good. In the afternoon Kealan made it very clear he wasn’t going to nap and instead asked to “do puzzles”. Shock! And he did loads – some hungry caterpillar worksheets, peg puzzles,  shape matching, simple jigsaws and magnetic pictures.

 After that it was the library and a visit from nanny. Nice day with very well behaved babies.

On Thursday I woke at quarter past seven and looked at the cameras as o always do. And this is what I saw.  

This is daily now. At least one of the two of them just lying there, not a sound, waiting to be lifted. On Wednesday, I had actually left her like that for half an hour while I got dressed and organised and she never made a sound. As readers will know, I rarely offer any advice, this is just my journal and mostly very dull I’m sure. However, if I have one thing, I have babies that sleep very well – 11/12 hours every night (bar the odd nightmare from Kealan but I have him settled within 5 mins) and they nap in the afternoon for at least 2 hours (recently Kealan has started missing some days). So my recommendation is the cameras. I can not advocate them enough. The peace of mind they have offered me is immeasurable alone but I actually do believe they are a main reason why they are so secure in bed and happy to go to bed and happy to lie there awake for long periods of time. Kealan lies there happily for over an hour most nights before drifting off. Because I’ve known very quickly when they’ve wakened (or before, because u can tell they’re getting in to a lighter sleep) and always got them before they’ve had to get upset, shout or cry and they never really learned to do that. Kealan especially will lie for ages when he wakes up. Once I left him to see what he would do and after an hour, he just went back to sleep! If Elyse gets bored she’ll eventually take her dummy out of her mouth and bangs it on the edge of her cot and if that doesn’t work then she’ll start saying “hiya” over and over again. Which is very cute.

We spent the morning at maeves house. Kealan loved her microphone and they both enjoyed the swings. And as always I felt great, getting to chat with another Pinterest mommie.

On Friday we went back to gymnastics but Kealan was having a terrible day. A very well behaved boy changed to an emotional wreck in one day. He had been woken by another monster nightmare at 5am but other than that I’m not quite sure why he was so unhappy all day. And elyses tantrums continue at an alarming rate so all in all another challenging day.   

 Saturday was park day with a visit in the morning with nanny and Amy and then a different one with me in the evening. Kealan has got very good on his scooter now.   

In the afternoon Kealan didn’t nap again so he asked to do puzzles. We raided the big chest and he played with lots of stuff. As much as I am nervous about him dropping his nap I am excited about having time with him especially given his new willingness to do his “work” as he calls it.


And on Sunday the babies got another trip to the park with daddy while I prepared for the second big caterpillar play date.

Kealans expressions continued this week with:- “I’m grand”, “how about that” and “what do u fink”.

Picture of the week:-  

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