Remembering a mum – 5.8.15

This week we took time to remember Bridget. We lost Martins mummy exactly two weeks before our wedding day. And one day before we found out about a little speck of life nestled in my tummy. That speck would become a very boisterous little girl named Elyse Bridget McCrory.

Two years on i mourn the passing of a woman who created and raised the man I love. I only knew Bridget in later life through illness and the passing of her husband but she was a spirited woman that I admired. I remember feeling so amazingly priviledged the day Martin brought me to meet her. I remember how she chastised me for drinking coca cola but always had several packets of sweets hidden under the cushion of her chair. And I’ll always know where my husband got his defiant independance. I see her in my daughter when she’s being naughty and cute all at the same time. So Bridget remains in our family, not forgotten, and may her spirit for life always be in Elyse in everything she does.   

 Rest in peace Bridget. Xx

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