Week 40 – 27th July 2015 – an expressive week

Kealan is 31.5 months and Elyse is 15.5 months.

After warning him all day on Sunday it was time to withdraw the ever present dodo…again (he’s only had it during the day for the last few weeks while he has been unwell). And there was no point doing one baby and not the other so elyses was left in the cot too. She’s really starting to develop her vocabulary so I don’t want it holding her back. He objected a little but on the whole he managed fine all morning without it.

On Monday morning we went to special summer rhyme time at our local library. It ended up just us and one other mum and daughter but it was fine, they got more chances to choose songs than usual.

And afterwards Maeve and Patrick called round for a play. 
Elyses new word today was turtle but she was also able to show off all her vocabulary to Maeve and was willing to point out a few body parts before she was no longer willing to perform.

We took a trip to the park before dinner, Kealan was very excited but Elyse has been very grumpy lately.   

 After dinner I began a little tot school work with Kealan (we’ve been having a little summer break but I’m using our upcoming Very Hungry Caterpillar play date to start some work again).   

 These cards were from 1plus1plus1equals1 and Kealan had to match up the food picture with the same coloured square and then the written word. He found this very easy.  

Some pre writing – he’s not great at this but he simply hasn’t been willing to do much written work.  

He scribbled over the bottom one but all the circling was actually done by Kealan. I was very impressed with how he did with this.

He got a wee prize for his work and managing all day without his dodo – an inflatable crocodile.


Tuesday morning Elyse and I worked through all her books in the playroom as usual (these are changed every Tuesday at the library). Elyse loves books but is terrible for ripping them which makes me so cross. Next she played with cups, ring stacker and the shape sorter. She’s already quite good at manipulating the shapes into the holes as long as I show her the right one.

Next I got out the very hungry caterpillar flashcards I sourced here. I laid out 5 for her and asked her to touch a particular one. She could do it! I was very excited.  

Later that morning Kealan and I completed a simple butterfly craft. Kealan learned how to peel the backs of the caterpillar and butterfly stickers and he stuck them on a paper plate I’d cut in half to make wings. Kealan wanted to use scissors too so he cut some stickers in half while I cut out a body for the butterfly and glued on eyes and antenna.  

In the evening we did some more work on our very hungry caterpillar pack. Shadow matching and two piece puzzles. Kealan completed these very easily.   

 On Wednesday I washed the precious sheepie and bunny. Whilst hanging them and some laundry on the line I heard Kealan screaming from the playroom. I was sure he’d hurt himself and ran in begging him to stop crying long enough to tell me what was wrong. Eventually he was able to sob out “I’m very worried about sheepie”. He’d spotted it out the window. So a damp sheepie got a very long cuddle.

Then we went to playgroup. Poor nanny has been sick for two weeks (the virus she got from Kealan of course) but she was able to come with us and the babies were very pleased to see her.  

In the evening Kealan did not enjoy the story sequencing activity!  

But does love doing these simple puzzles now. Thank goodness he has come around to the idea of this kind of play. 

On Thursday we had Darragh and aoife to play.  

We dressed them up and got out the pirate ship and Mum organised a simple treasure hunt for sweets in the garden. The boys were rubbish at looking but pirate Elyse was very quick at finding the pots of chocolate coins and lollies (she shared them out though).   

And it was park again in the evening.   

 Before his late night shift Hubbie and I took the babies to a gymnastics centre in a neighbouring town that are offering a morning playgroup. It was awesome. Free play on a full gymnastics arena – what more fun could u ask for. And wonderful for building up my wee mans gross motor skills (and expending energy).  Couldn’t get any decent pics though, we were having too much fun but I will be going a lot from now on so I’m sure I’ll get more.




 The also enjoyed the m&s chocolote muffin on the way home in the car!

 And Elyse enjoyed licking the sweet chilli sauce from my dinner plate that evening!   

 Afterwards we took a trip to the outlet and a new dinosaur exhibit went down very well with Elyse who’s excited roars echoed round the room.    


Most all Kealan loved jumping in the puddles though. Can’t believe it’s August and it’s still cold and horrible.  

On Saturday nanny came round to play and in the evening Hubbie and I took the babies out for a meal. Kealan got frustrated that I couldn’t dry his ice cubes as much as he wanted me to.   

 On Sunday I spent the morning preparing for the big very hungry caterpillar play date whilst daddy took the babies to the park. Elyse had her millionth tantrum of the week and also pretended to be a dog so Kealan coul take her for a walk.   


The week was fantastic with lots of good trips out but mostly it was the wonderful (sorry, not so wonderful) expressions, that Kealan is now using every other sentence, that caused the most entertainment. Just a few example:- “do you mind?”, “I’m not quite sure”, “are u losing your mind?”, “what’s the matter mumma”, “are you cross” and “how about that!”.

Picture of the week:-  


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