Week 39 – 20th July 2015 – puzzles and parks

Kealan is 31 months and Elyse is 15 months.

On Monday Kealan was still recovering from croup and his night in the hospital but he was much brighter and managed some puzzles and dancing about.   

 Tuesday was a much needed trip out of the house to tanaghmore gardens to feed the farm animals and play in the park.   

And with our little man only starting to eat a few bites we had lunch in McDonald’s to see if he would be willing to eat more (with his trousers now falling down he’s lost so much weight I am happy for him to eat anything).



It worked quite well!

On Wednesday we had Darragh and aiofe round all day and Maeve joined us with Amelie and Patrick. I anticipated 6 kids under four in my playroom to be absolute choas but actually it was brilliant (by brilliant I mean only that no one got injured and there were hardly any tears!)  But Maeve and I did manage to speak to each other a little which was very nice.


And in the afternoon Amy was a great help and Darragh took quite a shine to her.  

Thursday was a trip to soft play with Darragh and aoife.

And again Kealan eating more rubbish while the girls had apples.   

 And as usual, Kealan pottered around but didn’t play very much – shoes are much more fun!  

And this is what happens when it rains everyday and u can’t get any washing dry!!! Elyse had to go to bed in Kealans socks, old pj top and a vest. But she did love the animals on the t shirt.  

Friday was a trip to the park and out for lunch. Elyse certainly enjoyed her meal!

(Kealans grumpy face here is because I asked him to take his dodo out for the picture.)

And saturday was a trip to a different local park we hadn’t been to before. It was great, a new favourite place.   


 And Sunday was a quiet one. Well they had a trip out in the rain in their puddle suits. Also when I say quiet I simply mean that we didn’t do much. Kealan is not quiet. In fact he never stops talking. He has picked up a vast array of expressions such as “do you mind”, “not quite yet”, “I’m not quite sure”, “excuse me” but his favourite is “mumma, are u cross” which he asks approximately every 3 minutes.  

Picture of the week:-  


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