Week 38 – 13th July 2015 – hospital and holding hands

Well little man only got sicker. He managed a brief time outside with daddy on Monday while I finished his bedroom – see separate post
The steroids he’d been given for his croup had entirely worn off by Tuesday and Kealan spent most of the day like this:-  

He briefly managed some painting and Elyse destroyed the house (as usual).   

 On Wednesday morning I took Elyse to mother and toddlers while Hubbie took Kealan to the doctor.  

The gp sent Kealan straight to hospital and he was admitted later that evening. His breathing wasn’t great , he wasn’t drinking or eating and his fever was out of control. It was a long night spent watching his O2 level monitor as he slept but thankfully 2 more courses of steroids helped. He was so keen to go home he walked down the ward asking every person (including doctors, nurses, cleaners, visitors, patients and even a maintenance man) if he could go home.    

 As soon as the consultant arrived to see him he asked if he could go home and thankfully, after a chat and an examination, he said yes. Kealan had spent the whole morning asking to see Elyse and, even though she was sleeping, he held her hand the whole way home.  

Friday was spent doing puzzles and for the first time in his life Kealan wanted to dress up!! But he was still pretty sick.   

 And martins wonderful work colleagues sent home a fantastic bag of Kealans favourite things to cheer him up.    

 Saturday I took Elyse to the castlewellan show while a poorly Kealan stayed home with daddy. She loved seeing the animals and visiting friend Geraldine’s caravan.   

 And she enjoyed ‘dancing’ in the car! Car boogie

Sunday little Elyse was sick in the morning and again when Hubbie took them to the park for an hour before work. So two poorly babies had a quiet day at home but they seemed much better by the evening. Just need to get my wee man eating again.

So I’m very, very grateful my babies are gonna be ok but I’m desperately hoping for more activities this week. #veryboredmummy!

Photo of the week:-  

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