Kealans finished bedroom

Its been done in bits and pieces for ages but it was time it was finished and that time happened to be today.

The bedding, lamp shade, lamp, wall hangings, laundry basket and toy box are all from the Cocalo Alphabet Soup range and were purchased before Kealan was born. I remember getting them out regularly during my pregnancy to look at and feel them, imagining my baby lying in a beautiful nursery. Well after a house move and numerous room changes the ‘nursery’ is finally the way I want it (Kealans 2.5 and prob ready for a bigger boy bed but hey).  

The walls are all painted peach and I’ve used red as the main feature colour from the cocalo set.

The feature wall, opposite the door, has Skip Hop spot decals and his name above his cot (I’m not happy with the colour and may change it at some point).  

The furniture is mamas and papas but was of course another gumtree bargain.
On top of the wardrobe are just a few of our bear family and his name train.  
On his drawers I have placed Hubbie and i’s favourite picture from our wedding, a toy giraffe, a skip hop puzzle and my pride and joy the alphabet soup lamp which was not available in the uk but I had imported off ebay.   

 I’ve hung lights above the drawers, laundry basket and reading sofa and Kealan loves them.  

And on the sofa rests a beautiful pillow my mum had made just after he was born. It has his name, date of birth and weight on it.  

On the other side of the door we have a book shelf with just some of his books, his memory box and some trinkets from his birth and christening.  

And on the other side of the very important black out curtains we have the toy box.  

Kealan is still in a cot and I’m keeping it this way as long as possible but when necessary we can simply remove the bars to make it a little toddler bed.


So that’s another wee project I can tick off the to do list. I’ve Amys room next as mark moves out in September. And then Elyse will move to Amys old room. So lots and lots of planning to be getting on with.

3 thoughts on “Kealans finished bedroom

  1. Love it. You’ve created a special room for that special little boy. You’ve got a good eye for co-ordination and design and excellent taste. Now he will never want to get out of his bed!


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