Week 37 – 6th July 2015 – chaos and croup

Kealan is 31 months and Elyse is 15 months.

We started the week off with a trip to the forest with Lisa and Oscar (and Amy came too). After getting lost and some nasty rain the kids (and I) were getting pretty grumpy by the time we got there but actually it turned out to be good fun. It’s was also great to see the babies getting wet and muddy and embracing it (despite Kealans rather hilarious “look at the state of my hands” everytime he landed splat at the bottom of the slide). 

Kealan splat

 And both Oscar and Kealan and then later Elyse and Kealan held hands while we went for a walk!   


In the evening Kealan completed colour matching and puzzles to earn his letters back (as per his behaviour plan – See previous post.  His prize was a book with a spanner he could use to help the boy in the book ‘fix’ a playground. I had gone way over my £1 per prize budget to buy this cause I was certain he’d love it. Nope, it was looked at once for a minute and hasn’t looked at it since (but the inflatable banana still rocks his world, figures!!!)   

On Tuesday Darragh and aoife joined us. Hubbie took the boys to the cinema to see the Minions movie. Kealan hadn’t been to see a movie before (just a short Peppa pig special) and neither had Darragh so it was a dive into the unknown. Darragh seemed to enjoy it but Kealans not that in to tv so he tolerated it and made it to the end. The girls stayed with me and enjoyed some pasta, puzzles and books.   

In the afternoon it was more puzzles with the boys.   

 Unfortunately Kealans good behaviour of recent days disappeared and he was very bold. There were many zoning out episodes as well whilst he struggled to deal with his emotions. So we didn’t even offer the opportunity win back letters, there was no prize that day!

Wednesday mum helped me with the four kids and we went to summer playgroup.  

The afternoon was filled with lots of puzzles, toys and dancing (quite often in the wrong shoes!)   

 In the evening Amy presented the babies with gifts from a shopping trip to belfast. As usual Kealan was handed his first but for a change little Elyse got a new cup too and she was ecstatic.  

Then we went out for dinner where Kealan completed his puzzles and got his prize. The poor waiter was a little shocked by Kealans “I do my puzzles, I get my prize, I a good boy, I do my puzzle, I have chicken….please.”   

 On Thursday, Kealan turned into the worlds best big brother…   

Maeve, Amelie and Patrick joined us for a trip to The Arthouse, an early years arts drop in. They were read the very hungry caterpillar and then we made some pictures. It was a bit too advanced for them but still a lovely environment and we’ll def go back.   

 And thankfully the bad behaviour was only on Wednesday, he’s been a very good boy. Elyse is a bit grumpy because she’s teething but still sleeping all night thank goodness. She learned how to say crocodile today.

Friday Maeve kindly drove us all to C&j’s animal park. We went with pretty low expectations and to be honest the place was a rickety mess. But if you ignored that then it was fantastic and we had an brilliant day. We saw lemurs, monkeys, geese, ducks, hundreds of breads of birds and wildfowl, emus, pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, goats, sheep, Terrapins, horses, donkeys and an eagle owl.   

But their little reptile house was the best bit. A young lad got out a variety of lizards type things (that I’m ashamed to say I have no idea what they actually were) and a snake for us to stroke. Kealan and Amelie were pretty scared but Kealan touched them all and we did manage to convince Amelie to touch the snake just before it was put away. Fabulous experience for them but I think I had the most fun.           

We had a pretty chaotic but lovely picnic and after a final little walk about we left 2.5hrs after we arrived. To anyone local that reads this then please think about visiting this place. The entrance cost was only £5 and under 3’s are free. They clearly need lots of visitors and therefore money to run this place and get it tidied up. This was the cheapest day out id had in a long time and I will def be back.   

 Sign of a good day out!?  

That evening Elyse learned how to say “more bobo”. This might be a bad thing!

On Saturday morning our new best friends came round for a play date and with only an hour to buy resources and pull something together I managed a simple robot theme. I read them ‘Nobot’ by sue hendra. It’s a sweet story about a robot who loses his bottom at the park and how his friends spot lots of different objects that are a similar shape when they are trying to help him find it.    

Then i gave each one a treasure box filled with little toys and treats wrapped in tin foil. The older two were meant to feel the shape of each one and guess what it was but Kealan was having none of it, he just opened them all. Elyse diligently worked on all of hers and needed no help and Amelie was thrilled to find a top hat.  

 One of the items in the box was a small wooden robot for them to paint red just like the robot in the story.   

I cut out a ‘bottom’ for them and gave Kealan Googly eyes and a mouth to stick on. I think they’re quite good.  

And for our last activity I gave Kealan and Amelie a robot to decorate. I covered some protein powder tubs and baby powder tubs in tin foil and used the hot glue gun to join them. The kids then got a choice of various buttons, Pom Poms, pipe cleaners, wooden sticks and polystyrene balls to stick on with sticky pads. They needed quite a lot of help so no pics til the end.   

After a busy morning I simply stuck some sausage rolls on for the lunch and Kealan announced “I had one of these yesterday” (and he had taken a bite of one at our picnic the previous day). Now looking back that will seem insignificant but actually I’m quite chuffed with his developing conception of time because this is a hard one to grasp even for much older children. I think his morning board has helped with this and I’m going to start talking more about what we have done the day before and what we might do the day after as well as what we have planned that day.

In the afternoon Kealan made us a picnic with his sandwich set and then we baked some real buns. We hadn’t done any cooking or baking in ages so it was lovely.   


Kealan refused dinner and seemed a bit ill but managed to complete his puzzles and got a toy snake (because he touched a snake at the animal park the day before).   

 But the unmistakable croup cough woke us at 1.30am and an unsettled night followed. He managed to mess about some on Sunday morning and did enjoy his usual Sunday morning trip to the park with daddy.   

But for the first time in a year Kealan ended up sleeping on me after waking in a state from his nap.  

We had to take him to the out of hours doctor who gave him steroids to help clear it up.  As I finish typing this I am anticipating a long night with my baby boy but I know he’s doing better than this afternoon. And little Elyse didn’t get much of a lookin today but she’s just a wonderful little tornado who’s personality is brilliant. Love my babies. And I love my Amy who graciously helps me so much with the kids and also with the house and never asks for a thing. I’m a very lucky mummy.

Photo of the week:-  

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