We’re going on a bear hunt play date

Kealan is 30.5 months and Elyse is 14.5 months.

Maeve, Amelie and Patrick joined us for our ‘going on a bear hunt’ fun.

I set out the table with wonderful cards I printed and laminted. During previous story telling play dates I discovered that the toddlers love to have a prop to hold during the story so I printed pictures of the family.
Having watched the author perform the story – Michael Rosen performing ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ – I got some great tips.
So I read the story and they loved it. The expressions on Amelie’s face were especially wonderful.   


And then it was messy time. We got them all changed into their swimming costumes and out into the garden. 

Here’s what if prepared (you may need to use your imagination for some!)

1) long wavy grass  2) deep cold river 

3) thick oozy mud 

4) big dark forest 5) swirling whirling snowstorm 

6) narrow gloomy cave 

 So chanting “we’re going on a bear hunt” we set out but I have to say that our toddlers definately were a little scared! “Oh no, a deep cold river. We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it. We’ll have to go through it!!”   

Mud thick oozy mud! They did not like this one even though Maeve and I got in. I’m still trying to scrub the mud off my feet.   Hoo woo, hoo woo, hoo woo 

It’s a bear!!!!! 

Little Elyse was the only one brave enough to enter the bear ‘cave’ but she brought the bear back out with her. 

So that was our fun. We followed it up with a lovely lunch including bear shaped ham sandwiches.

Amelie and Kealan are slightly apprehensive kids who seem to enjoy the experiences more afterwards. So the days that followed included much chat about what we did. And if we’re truthful I think Maeve and I had the most fun!




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