Week 36 – 29th June 2015 – My alphabet angel

Kealan is 30.5 months and Elyse 14.5 months.

We began the week with a play date at Arlene, Darragh and aoifes house. The weather was good so the kids enjoyed all the garden toys.   

    Later in the day Kealan actually asked to paint so we completed the wooden bird frame we’d started at Amelie’s house. But quite quickly he was bored and keen to join daddy in the garden. 

And in the evening, despite no nap, Kealan demonstrated that he is actually capable of playing and had a ball with nanny. He even built a tower with blocks!! 

On Tuesday we had a short play date with Oscar. I gave them cans of silly string which Kealan was very excited about.   

The rest of the day was spent completing Kealan and elyses tool shed – See Seperate post On Wednesday morning Kealan saw it finished and was super impressed. 

Infact he was a very pleasant boy most of the day, at one point commenting “oh mummy youre a princess, in your princess dress”.

And then we went to the first week of the summer playgroup. It was brilliant to get back to one of these, it’s a great safe environment with lots of new stuff to see and do. Lots of our friends were there too but Kealan was most fascinated by a pencil sharpener.  

Afterwards we had a picnic in the park which was lovely but ended when Kealan had another ‘episode’. For the last week especially he has been having some trouble dealing with his emotions and tiny things trigger a sort of zoning out. He takes himself away and won’t look at anyone. He stares at a fence or a wall and won’t do anything. This was today’s which was triggered by nanny helping him up the steps to the slide.

So….it is with some apprehension I am launching my new behaviour plan with Kealan – alphabet angel.

So, it goes like this. Kealan has been introduced to the letters a through g and we have paused. However, he cannot recognise them. So, to increase his exposure, the plan is based around those letters and each one is assigned behaviour/behaviours we want him to focus on. We will go through these every day as part of our good morning board.   


The good morning board is a melissa and Doug daily calender and the bottom half holds the 7 letters. If Kealan breaks a rule on the board then he loses a letter. But if he is caught being especially good then he will earn a letter. (I’m also toying with giving him the letter back immediately if he can tell me which letter I have removed but I won’t start that yet). 

After dinner at 6.00pm we will review the board and see how many letters he has.  I wanted him to have the opportunity to earn his letters back so i decided to integrate another area of focus – Kealans lack of attention span and unwillingness to complete anything. He can earn his letters back by completing a corresponding puzzle/sorting task. If he then has all 7 letters he will get a prize (a toy from the £1 shop or charity shop of some sweets).

So on Thursday morning I set it all out but was very dubious he’d understand and/or care about getting prize. But I was wrong, he seems to understand very well. He hit Elyse and I immediately removed a letter (despite his “sorry Elyse” and hug and kiss). Straight away he wanted to earn it back and sat up at the table to do the colour sorting, the clown stacker and the lacing beads.   

(The dummy is next weeks challenge!)

Next the babies took a trip to the petting farm, park and had a picnic with nanny and big sis Amy.            

They were both amazingly brave, feeding all the animals.


And the park was a hit of course.   


And when they arrived home I had the paddling pool ready. They got very excited.


Whilst playing with Amy in the garden Kealan told her that he missed her when she went to school and he wanted to go with her but that he would need his school bag to be like her.

In the evening Kealan had two letters to earn back and he happily completed the magnetic puzzle and ‘my day’ jigsaw. I was astounded – he has never, ever willingly done a puzzle. And he was ecstatic about getting a prize and a kinder bar. It was just an inflatable banana but we had 45 mins of fun with it.


So the first day of our behaviour plan went very well. Am thrilled.

On Friday morning we had a We’re going on bear hunt play date with friends Maeve, Amelie and Patrick – click link for separate post. We had a lovely time and a brilliant day with Kealans behaviour much improved already.

Kealan only lost one letter and earned it back by completing a set of 2 piece jigsaw. Again, for me, this was so so exciting. But Kealan won on the excitement front, he was bouncing up and down, squealing to get his prize for the day. This time it was toy policeman set with a dart gun, handcuff and a badge.    


At Kealans request (wonders will never cease!) saturday morning began with painting. They both painted themselves quite a bit. Fab.

   In the afternoon I took them up town for an event but it was pretty rubbish so we went to the cake shop instead. But then Elyse had a melt down. People in the car park thought I was killing her she was screaming so loud (she was in fact just a little tired!) Kealan didn’t want to go home but seemed to grasp that Elyse needed me more and said “mumma, what’s wrong with Elyse?” When I told him I didn’t know but that I would have to put her up to bed and I needed him to be a good boy he said (drum roll please), “mumma, I play by myself. In the garden.” And he did! This is unheard of. Small things mean a lot to a mummy!

 Kealan was so keen to do his puzzles to earn his letters back and get his prize that he did them before dinner. Once more he completed them very well and got foam gliders to build with daddy.

On Saturday night hubbie and I had a beautiful meal and many glasses of wine.  Not many pics though. 

Sunday morning was the weekly trip to the park with daddy and this week I wasn’t cleaning or planning totschool…I was back in bed.

And in the evening our new alphabet angel completed another two puzzles happily and got a velcro target board to play with.   


 So our new behaviour plan has worked better than I could possibly have imagined. Infact it’s worked so well that I’m worried now about how to move forward. I was always scared to bribe Kealan in to doing his puzzles or totschool work but he is now asking for painting and puzzles even when he doesn’t need to earn back any letters. He seems to be gaining a sense of achievement in completing things for the first time and his attitude towards how he is behaving and how he is playing is amazing. A busy week with lots happening and I’m feeling very positive about what we achieved.



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