Week 35 – 22nd June 2015 – Buns and….more buns

Kealan is 30.5 months and Elyse is 14.5 months.

We began the week with a trip to scallywags soft play centre with Lisa and Oscar and Geraldine, Harry and Jamie. Not many pics but Kealan was very excited and Elyse was now able to climb up bits that Kealan was only able to do a few weeks ago! And of course I had to stop her diving off the top of the slide head first. Kealan’s sore throat has returned and he isn’t eating again. His dodo seems to be offering some comfort but am already dreading trying to get it back off him again.   

On Tuesday hubbie and I took the babies to kilbroney forest park. The weather was brilliant and just sitting on the grass in the sun was wonderful.


In the evening I took my girls to the library and then for an ice cream.


On Wednesday Darragh and aoife joined us at home. We played outside and in the playroom. Everyone got on very well.   



On Thursday morning Kealan was excited about another day with Darragh and Aoife.  

We took a trip to the planetarium. There wasn’t much there for them but they had lots of fun with the interactive floor and they were all very good.   


And back home Kealan has a new love for a cuppa! After dinner we all went out for a bun but this trip was not very successful, grumpy, emotional baby girl at the minute. 


On Friday we had a lovely playdate at Maeve, Amelie and Patrick’s. We painted (and yes, Elyse did eat some, oops), made peanut butter cookies and generally trashed the place! Sorry Maeve.  


Saturday we took a trip up town in the buggy for yet another bun (maybe too many buns this week) and then the park. In evening we enjoyed a lovely meal at our new favourite restaurant.   

    Sunday was a trip to the park with daddy while I started to put together my latest project – Kealans introduction to behaviour management. Detail to be posted soon.

Elyse has had a rather grumpy week but her communication is improving. She now says:- hiya, Bobo, no, mama, dada, nana, cat, drink and gunk (which for some strange reason is shoes!)

She recognises and can make noises/actions for the following animals:- cow, pig, dog, snake, lion, monkey, duck, dinosaur and probably many more but I’m brain dead this evening. 

Next weeks challenges are to introduce Kealan to the good behaviour plan I’ve come up with and start planning a restart of totschool and another super play date.

Photo of the week:-  

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