Week 34 – 15th June 2015 – Daddy’s Day

Kealan is 30 months and Elyse is 14 months.

Monday we had Oscar round for a play date. Oscar enjoyed the sand and the new bouncy castle while Kealan fiddled about with various objects he took a liking to. Elyse also pottered about when she woke from her nap.   

At one point Kealans yelling of recent days hit a peak and I put him up to his cot for a time out. I was no sooner down the stairs when he was right behind me (having retrieved the dodo I had taken out of his cot) and was laughing at me. So needless to say this new development was very worrying! Is this the end of my unbroken nights sleep?!

In the evening nanny came round and as he had expressed an interest in planting some seeds she brought what was needed. Both babies were quite interested even though not very capable. Unfortunately however as soon as nanny turned her back Elyse tipped up the pots (she had some help too as soon as he realised what she was doing). Oops.   

  On Tuesday we took a trip to soft play which we all really enjoyed. Kealans still not very well and was a bit floppy and is obssessed with his dodo again. We’ve been down this path before when he’s had a sore throat so I’m not terribly worried (I am however very embarassed when he has it when we are out but it is amazing how much it settles him, he has been very emotional and he’s emotional at the best of times!) 





Wednesday was the last rhyme time before the summer holidays. We all had a good time including Kealan who decided to swap headwear with Elyse and remained like this throughout!


After the naps we got out the ball pool again and after dinner we took a trip to see the ducks and play at the park.



 When Elyse joined Kealan on the swing something amazing happened – genuine affection!   

  And on the track between the lough and the park Kealan got to ‘help’ daddy drive the car for the first time. He was absolutely thrilled. 

Thursday Darragh and Aoife joined us for the end of year party at playgroup with a bouncy castle fun. We also had fun in the ball pool and more kisses from Kealan. Many thanks to nanny for all her help.







On Friday mummy Maeve, Amelie and Patrick joined us to create some Father’s Day gifts. With 2 one years olds and two toddlers having to create pictures together there were limited options so we went with the classic masking tape word on a page.   

  Please do not think I’m exaggerating when I say that there was paint splattered for a truly shocking distance over my kitchen!  Next we had to capture a picture, Maeve and Patrick were amazing. Kealan and Elyse were slightly more challenging but I do love the pics we got.   



Lastly I printed copies of this beautiful poem by Helen Bush.  

This was the finished product.  

Maeve also brought a wonderful craft for us to complete. Unfortunately Kealans response to the first question was worrying (but still funny)!  

On Saturday we went to a church fete with nanny. The weather was fab and both babies enjoyed the bouncy castle.  


Sunday was Father’s Day and Kealan was very excited to give hubbie his cards. We brought daddy breakfast in bed but the babies are most of it. And we had a lovely Sunday lunch at a local restaurant. Kealan and daddy did their impatient faces when waiting for the desert.  



So we didn’t have any themes or totschool this week. I’m taking a wee break to finish some other projects but I am really missing it. I don’t miss trying to get Kealan to take part mind you but I do miss planning it and gathering resources. More proof that it’s all really just for me to keep me sane and focus my thoughts.

Photo of the week:-  

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