Week 33 – 8th June 2015 – Bug, bench, bouncing and beach

Kealan is 30 months and Elyse is 14 months.

The week began with our G is for Gingerbread play date. But a stomach bug then hit our house and our poor new (new to us) car got the worst of it with a coating of projectile vomit from Kealan. 

On Wednesday I’d recovered enough to take them to rhyme time but Kealan got extremely jealous of Elyse sitting on my knee. When I held him then Elyse huffed so all in all it wasn’t a great time. With hubbie on holidays all week we managed to begin work on the new project – the playhouse. I scraped my original plans for a little kitchen etc and instead have decided to transform it into a tool shed for them.  So we constructed a tool bench from timber but I’m still struggling to source the peg board I need for the back.  Whilst hubbie was outside working on the bench Kealan shouted out the door “dad, dad….daaaaddd……..Martin, that’s you!!!!”  Needless to say we all found this very funny.


And then family friend Yvonne brought round a fabulous new present … a bouncy castle!!!  THANKS YVONNE.  



Thursday was our weekly trip to playgroup. And our Friday playgroup had their end of year party at a local soft play centre. Elyse managed to go down the slides on her bum for the first time and had a brilliant time.

In the afternoon I got the sand pit finished and they actually loved it! We played for almost an hour! Occasionally Elyse took herself across the garden to go down the slide or bounce on the trampoline in her own little independent way but mostly she sat in the pit (and ate quite a bit of sand, yuk).

      On Saturday nanny took the little ones to the park while i repainted the playhouse, laid new carpet and replaced the window panes. The trip ended with some drama when Kealan locked himself and Elyse in the car! But both babies found this quite entertaining and enjoyed watching their rescue through the windows. I think poor nanny suffered much more than my two giggling monkeys during the ordeal.

So after two days in bed with ‘the bug’ hubbie suggested a much needed day out on Sunday.  So we packed up and took a trip to the beach. Kealan enjoyed trips down to the water with daddy to collect buckets of water and Elyse……ate more sand.




Then we had a lovely Sunday lunch in Newcastle and some rides in the amusements.    


Photo of the week:-  

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