Week 32 – 1st June 2015 – G is for garden

Kealan is 30 months and Elyse is 14 months.

Our gardening themed tot trays this week were:-

1) A melissa and Doug garden theme reusable sticker sheet – Kealan  

2) Plant pots labelled 1, 2, 3 and fake flowers to ‘plant’ – Kealan  

3) A cake pop stand and sticks I stuck flowers on to to ‘plant’ – Kealan  

4) Focus colour pink – Elyse  

5) Focus word pig – Elyse  

6) Cardboard box (that I cut slots in to) with ceramic plant markers – Elyse  

The week began with a play date with Oscar. He enjoyed completing kealans shape puzzles but generally they just pottered about. Kealans love of milk now incorporates a chant and a dance! He runs about jumping and shouting “it’s bobo time, yeah, yeah”.

On Tuesday we had Darragh and Aoife round all day. Poor little aoife missed her mummy loads but was definately my friend by home time. We tried some painting too but unfortunately Elyse tried to paint poor aoife.   




On Wednesday both Kealan and Elyse were in great form. Kealan willingly completed his 3 tot trays and seemed to really enjoy them.   



During that time I had put Elyse Down for a nap but she wasn’t going to go to sleep so I told Kealan that I was going to get her and she could do her trays. When we came back down Kealan had got elyses 1st tray out and set it up at the table beside her seat and said “err U go Elyse.”

They both very much enjoyed the slot box.   

    A bit later on we had rhyme time at the library and then a visit to the park.   


And in the evening we had more hand holding in the car. On Thursday morning Elyse had more fun with her trays before breakfast.   


Little Elyse now knows to lie down on the mat when it’s song time at playgroup. Very cute.  

In the evening Amy and I took the babies to the toy shop. Kealan spent half an hour picking a toy car whilst Elyse just wanted everything. She went bizerk making monkey noises at the gorilla puppets but we ended up getting her a fox one ready for our gingerbread play date on Monday. 

  (ok so it’s not a fox, it’s a red panda but it was a close as I was gonna get!)

Friday we had another lovely time at playgroup in the morning with nanny annette. Kealans been in lovely form not for a while which helps.

We went for a walk up the road just before daddy came home from work and when I asked for Kealans hand he said “I’m not worried mumma so u not worried”. That was me told!

Then we took a trip to the shops but little Elyse did not have a good time! 

But Kealan did!

Of course missy was the only one who got bought anything and she did enjoy a fashion show when we got home.     

Saturday Elyse got stuck in again! And for some reason putting a lipstick lid on top of the our clown stacking toy many many times was very entertaining.   


I took them to rhyme time and they were both amazing. Kealans great form continues and little Elyse had some great cuddles with the rhyme time dolly, Lucy.  

Oh yes…and after much patience and bribes Kealan managed one sheet of tot school work. Argh!  

Sunday was a lovely trip to the park with daddy.   


Photo of the week:-  

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