Week 31 – 25th May 2015 – G is for giraffe

Kealan is 29.5 months and Elyse is 13.5 months.

I set up our table with all our giraffe toys and books and gathered some G books for the book racks.  

For some reason Kealan really responded to the letter G. He had got a little stuck on the letter D and my work on E and F didn’t seem to work at all. For the first time he has expressed and interest in how the letter is drawn. But really we are hardly doing any tot school work at all so whilst we’re having fun and the structured play is great (especially for me) I couldn’t claim Kealan is learning his letters at this point. It is my plan to take the g natural pause in the alphabet song as a good place to finish up what we have been doing and take some time to review letters A to G in the hope that we can get him recognising them.

The tot trays for this week were:-

1) Letter g words – Kealan  

As u can see I didn’t have much for this.

2)  G is for girl peg picture – Kealan 

3) Dominos – Kealan 

 4) Yellow items – Elyse 

5) Focus word – dog – Elyse  

6) Balls and cake tray – Elyse  

On Monday Oscar came round to play, this picture wouldn’t be accurate portrayal of what went on but it is very sweet.  

Tuesday both Kealan and Elyse spent some time with their trays. Kealan gives very minimal attention to most toys but he did return to this a few times. Mostly he totally refused to do it right but he is more than capable of doing it (unlike Elyse, Kealan haven’t little desire to please me, in fact it’s currently quite the opposite).



After breakfast Elyse enjoyed feeding the giraffe and then played with a plastic cereal holder and colourfully dolly pegs. She absolutely loved this and spent ages putting them in and getting them out.  



After naps we had a trip to the park but despite the fact that it’s nearly June it was pretty cold.   

Before bed I attempted a salt tray to get Kealan writing the letter g….he did like it but not for writing g. He liked it cause he got down and found his diggers and got messing. Salt everywhere. I don’t know who these children are who do these activities but mine aren’t that breed! 

On Wednesday  Elyse started the day with her pegs again with which she combined her favourite thing, the toothpaste tube.  

Next we went to sing songs at our local library’s rhyme time. Kealan wasn’t in the mood to participate but that isn’t terribly unusual. Elyse had a ball of course. She is starting to do quite a few actions and knows what song is coming as soon as the lady says.

In the evening we had a family meal out to celebrate marks 21st birthday. 



Thursday and Friday we had our usual playgroups.

On Friday evening Kealan did a little work with his dot markers and some colouring. 


And we had a giraffe bath to end the day.   


Saturday morning was another rhyme time and daddy came too. Everyone was laughing at elyses enthusiasm and she has started saying “hiya” to strangers which is very, very cute.    


  After rhyme time our friends that missed the Fairy play date came round to do the activities. Kealan finished his fairy house but I did quite a lot of it.    


On Sunday morning their daddy took them out for a bun and a walk (elyses first time out for a walk) before he went to work while I tidied up. Rest of the day was just messing about and planning our next big play date. 

So nothing terribly exciting this week, bit frustrated I can’t get more learning done with Kealan but the bottom line is that he isn’t interested. Little Elyse on the other hand loves her trays and books so at least one bit is going well.

Photo of the week:-  

(Although Kealan says this photo is “a different dadda” because of the green tint from the filter!)



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