Week 30 – 18th May – F is for farm

Kealan is 29 months old and Elyse is 13 months old.

‘Work’ on the letter F continued this week with our big fairy play date.

On Tuesday hubbie and I took the babies on our regular visit to Peter Pans soft play area. As usual getting pictures was challenging. 

 And after dinner we took a trip to the library for some much needed books for our new theme – F is for farm. The playtable was set up:-  

The tot trays this week are:-

1) Kealan – melissa and Doug reusable stickers farm scene 2) Kealan – tongs with the farm animals from our sorting set. 3) Kealan –  2 melissa and Doug farm puzzles. 4) Elyse – focus colour green 5) Elyse – focus word cow 6) Elyse – Bigjigs chunky wooden farm puzzle  

Wednesday morning Elyse greeted the playtable and tot trays with her usual enthusiasm. At one point, when I told her the farmer was feeding the animals at the front of a book, she lifted a toy cow and pressed it against the book so it could eat too.  

After breakfast hubbie joined us for rhyme time at the library and thankfully Kealan was enjoying it this week and did great with his actions. Elyse was a little quieter than usual but still had moments of bouncing enthusiasm (and some grumpy faces too!)   


When we came home Kealan worked on his tot trays. He particularly liked the sheep from the sorting set and said they were friends with his sheepie (his ever present and filthy cuddly sheep). 

Then we had a lovely play date with our new friends, mummy Maeve with Amelie and Patrick. I’d prepared some rainbow spaghetti for them to play with and for some reason my children decided to eat it by the fistful whilst the other two normal children looked on bemused!     

Thursday morning Elyse and I enjoyed the trays again. The tray of green items is ideal for building her language skills. She picks objects and we talk about them, about putting them in or on things, how they feel and the noise they make.   


Again with the cows we talk about the noise they make, the size of our toys cows and that some are soft and some are hard. 

The puzzle is too hard for her. She doesn’t have the control of her hands to be able to manipulate them into the slots and gets frustrated. However, I believe she will be good at puzzles, she has a greater attention span than Kealan and sticks at things, so I will be showing her them regularly from now on. 

We had a great lovely time at playgroup and Elyse is getting old enough for them to sit and play together which is very special for me to see.



 In the evening Kealan worked on his first tray and chatted away about ten farm scene he was creating. Typical Kealan though had a minor melt down when he saw the spade sticker and i refused to go and get him our actual spade.


On Friday morning we continued f is for farm with a visit to the petting farm. This was the first time Elyse was able to walk about on a trip out rather than being stuck in her buggy and she was very excited by the animals.



After the farm we took a trip to the park. Elyse was fed both Kealan and I organic baby crisps which she found very funny and I found quite disgusting!




 In the afternoon I put Elyse down for a nap but she was having none of it. I watched her in the camera take off her sleeping bag and then both socks…and then tried and tried until she managed to put one sock back on!! She is brilliant.  

Saturday morning was spent in the garden and nanny presented them with a present – a cozy coupe car. They fought over it all day, they love it.   


In the afternoon we broke our sacred nap schedule to attend Darraghs 3rd birthday party.  Mummy Arlene had created an amazing Spider-Man theme and the party was lovely. 


 The weather was nice and they enjoyed playing in the garden with the seesaw, swing set, sand pit and trampoline. Of course Kealans favourite bit was the birthday cake. But he was also thrilled with trying to soak me with a water balloon and squirting silly string.   


On Sunday the babies went to the park with daddy while I stayed home. 

And whilst i should have been doing housework I decided to create a farm small world instead! 

I wanted as many different textures as possible so I used homemade play dough to create a green grass field and a brown ploughed field. I used a crate with wood shavings and a hot chocolate mud bath as a pig pen. A foil tray was our duck pond and green felt was our horse paddock. I put sand down for the chickens and added rocks, pine cones and created some trees and bushes from branches and leaves.

Kealan greated the table with “look mumma, wow!” And whilst they did like it, they only played with it for about half the them it took me to build it and the mess was insane!   


After dinner Kealan and Elyse took turns being pushed down the slope in the garden in their new car. Many excited squeals were heard from them both.    

The week was finished with a ‘special’ bath to tie in with elyses tot tray focus on the colour green.    

Photo of the week:- 




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