Fairy playdate 

Monday we had another super play date with f is for fairy as the theme.

We had 13 kids and 9 adults in total with 6 kids over 2 years old participating in the main activities.

I decorated a little with pink and white Pom Poms and balloons and set out some happyland fairy toys as our playtable small world.



The first activity for Kealan, Oscar, Poppy, Amelie, Darragh and Isaac was to paint their fairy house with pink paint. Even Kealan participated! 

           These were left to dry during snack time.   


After snacks the under 2’s – Jamie, Aoife, Matthew and Patrick were presented with a fairy sensory board I made and some sensory back containing water beads, silver foil, cotton wool, shaving foam, glitter and pine cone. (Unfortunately Elyse had needed a nap).



Next our 2+ kids were presented with fairy dust ingredients (dyed sugar, various glitters and talc), scoops, spoons and small bottles. They scooped and mixed and poured and scooped some more! Fab fun. Then I gave each child a wand and they all tapped their bottle and shouted magic, magic, magic.   

           As it was mummy heathers birthday nanny had created another wonderful cake. We all sung happy birthday and everyone enjoyed a big slice.   


Next the over 2’s finished their fairy house with glitter and stickers (all but Kealan who was having far too much fun with his magic wand!)  

The kids also got fairy tattoos and a the end i gave them a wooden fairy doll that id made.   


3 thoughts on “Fairy playdate 

  1. Another fantastic play date, Isaac and Aoife had a wonderful time. By the time we left Isaacs head was full of fairies and magic!!! Great for his www imagination. Thank you Natasha : )


  2. Thanks Emma, we all love a bit of glitter! I seem to be able to stretch the concentration of the kids, all except my own! But I shall persevere. Lol.
    Another one in the planning, hope you’ll join us.


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