Our new playroom

Kealan and Elyse’s playroom is my favourite place in our home. Elyse’s love of climbing prompted the need for a safer flooring, which in turn inspired me to totally redecorate (with help of course).


The main wall was bright green with tree, monkey and giraffe decals and a large mirror. A rug covered a small part of the tiled floor and ikea units stored away most of the smaller toys. The barrier seperating the play area from the rest of the kitchen was a lindam playpen/room divider.  


The main wall was papered with colourful stripes and red foam floor tiles cover the whole floor. I painted our ikea spice rack bookshelves in turquoise and orange. Our reading chair is red leather with matching footstool (this has now become the kids favourite toy).   


I created an art wall by spraying wooden frames orange and attaching fish wire and mini red pegs. We will now be able to display our totschool work and easily change it each week.   

I have removed most of the larger toys and now we have just the play table, slide, kitchen and puppet theatre on display. Most (ok, prob only some) of our toys are held in the colourful boxes in the ikea units which now act as our room divider (we slide one to the side to get in and out).    

Above the radiator I have hung alphabet flashcards by ‘my favourite things’ on fish wire. These are prefect, they match my colour scheme and the opposite sides also have beautiful pictures.  


Overview – well I love it. I’m very pleased with how it has turned out.  This is how it looks from the kitchen area.  I might still add something above the reading chair or maybe a tall lamp. And I’m intending to revamp our ikea kitchen but for now I’m happy and about to start planning the playhouse decoration.

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