Week 29 – 11th April 2015 – F is for frog

Kealan is 29 months and Elyse is 13 months

On Monday morning we joined Lisa. Oscar, Geraldine and Jamie for a soft play play date. Kealan ventured into the big area alone again which was wonderful and Elyse showed off her walking.

In the  evening we finished off F is for fireman with a ‘special bath’. I wanted Kealan to be able to pretend to be a fireman by washing away the painter flames with water but I wanted the house to remain so I used black tape. He used his water pistol to spray the flames with water and put out the fire.   


Little Elyse wasn’t herself though and had to be taken to the doctor on Tuesday morning. She has a bad throat infection, getting medicine in her though is quite the battle. In the evening we took a drive to Newcastle (a seaside resort about 20 miles from home). We had a nice dinner (and discovered Kealan loves baked beans!). Then we went to the amusements. They loved it. Like bouncing up and down with excitement loved it!!   


On Wednesday nanny and I brought them to rhyme time, Oscar came too for the first time and had a lovely time. Then we all enjoyed the first sun in a long time with a picnic in the park.



During nap time I set up the play table with f is for frog. Kealan loved the lilly pads and of course Elyse loved the puppet.   


Thursday was a simple day at playgroup. Walking up the rather steep hill home my darling son smirked at me as I struggled. And when I briefly paused he said “ha, ha momma, u can’t do it!” Bad enough but in typical Kealan style he repeated it another approximately 100 times!

Friday, Kealan had his 2 and a half year check with the health visitor. I was very proud as he chatted away, completed all the tasks she set him and demonstrated his potty training by politely informing me he needed to go. All good!  Then nanny and Elyse joined us to go to playgroup.

Saturday hubbie and I were away car shopping so nanny played with the crazy babies. In the evening we picked up our new car and took Kealan and Elyse out for their dinner. Again they behaved impeccably and munched up loads of food. Then we had an f is for frog bath with green water and water beads which Kealan thought were amazing.


On Sunday morning we got out all the frog stuff again and the water beads, this time in the playroom. Of course Elyse ended up in the tub.   


As we drove to the forest kealan and Elyse took advantage of their seating positions in the new car and held hands. Awh. 

And then we had a great, if a little chilly picnic and play in the park.



 Then we went on a magical f is for fairy walk in the forest.



The rest of the day was spent preparing for our big play date in the morning. See following post for fairy fun.

Photo of the week:-



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