Week 28 – 4th May 2015 – F is for fireman

Kealan is 29 months and Elyse is 13 months.

Letter F began with a focus on firemen. I decked out the playtable with all firemen and fire trucks we had.  

Elyse will be focusing on the colour red and the word ball.  

The tot trays were:-

1 – Kealan – letter f tray. Featured frogs, fish, feather, face, feet, fairy, fire engines, football, flower, fork and lower and upper case f’s.


2 – Kealan – puzzles of Fire engines, Flowers and Fish  

3 – Kealan – Fire extinguisher size sorting


4 – Elyse – colour red objects 

5 – Elyse – collection of different size and textured balls 

Again it was Elyse who got to investigate the playtable first on Monday morning. She went straight for the puppet and then was thrilled to discover the dressing up costumes and hats.




 Then we looked at her tot trays.   

Kealan also worked well on his trays and completed the magnet flower puzzle much to my surprise. 

 Later that morning we took a trip to the forest (f is for forest). I’d printed and laminated a simple scavenger hunt checklist for Kealan to complete. He walked really far, collected the items (with lots of help) and jumped in puddles. I carried Elyse in her baby carrier and we had a small picnic under a tree.     



On Tuesday morning Kealan worked on some fireman matching and we talked about fire. He enjoyed blowing out matches I was holding.


He then did very well with his dot markers and painted a cardboard fire engine that we’ll put stickers on later in the week.

 Elyse really started walking on Tuesday. She’s very stiff but getting brave. She also conquered the slide!  

On Wednesday Kealan helped me empty the dishwasher and did a really good job! 


 And we had a lovely play date at our new friends – Mummy Arlene, Darragh and Aoife. Kealan and Elyse both enjoyed playing with Darraghs drum kit but Elyse spend most of her time doing her best Godzilla impression including climbing  in to the toilet!



Thursday morning Matthew and baby Ben came round and later on Nanny so we had lots of fun. Kealan played briefly with toys which was lovely to see.

Elyse got hold of a fork at dinner time a proceeded to eat her dinner with it! Who knew she could do that! She is awesome.


Friday we went to playgroup and nanny came too. They were great and Elyse climbed the big slide a few times much to my distress. Kealan cued up with the mummies to get himself a biscuit!


Not much totschool, a little bit of ore writing but he wasn’t bothered. 

On Saturday Kealan managed to blow his own nose for the first time and was very proud of himself. 

Then we took a  trip to the park. The sheep jumped on the fence and sprayed us all with mud. Kealan enjoyed blowing the dandelion seeds and Elyse loved the swings of course. Kealan decided he didn’t like his hat, he wanted elyse’s so they swapped.



In the evening we took them out for a meal and they were little angels.   

Sunday I attempted to do Elyse’s tot trays with her but she was in a throwing mood (wonder who taught her that). So we played with some pipe cleaners and tubes. She was thrilled when she got one to fit inside the other. 

The most fun was had from the new playroom chair but I’ll post pics of that with the rest of the playroom redecoration in a separate post.

Potty training – Kealan is now only wearing nappies for bed. He had only one accident all week. Thrilled and very proud.

Photo of the week:-  





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