Week 27 – 26th April – E is for elephant

Kealan is  28 months and Elyse is 12 months. 

After a couple of weeks doing very little in the way of totschool I am finally rejuvenated and reorganised. Kealan will be finishing our previous work on the letter E and Elyse will be beginning totschool for the first time.

So the focus for Kealan will be e is for elephant. We are using resources from  the original and very best totschooler – Carisa. I’ve set up the playtable with all our toy elephants, our favourite elephant book (Elmer) and two elephant masks and rings from the Dohnutters game. 

I’ve decided on creating 3 tot trays for Kealan and 3 for Elyse. Kealans will feature:- 1) one tray with things that begin with the focus letter, 2) one with a puzzle and 3) one featuring the letter and/or a fine motor skill. Elyse will have:-  4) a discovery tray containing things that are a focus colour for her, 5) a tray featuring her focus word for the week and 6) a fine motor skill task.  

This weeks are:-

1) E box – letter E’s, elephants, eggs, envelopes, eyes and ears.  

2) match up the lower and upper case E’s drawn on the eggs and place in the correct basket. 

3)  A puzzle featuring elyse. Perfect as it contains a lower and upper case e.  

4) focus colour – blue 

5) focus word  – cat 

6) Focus skills – building tower with blocks and placing man on top and placing the rings on the elephants trunk. 

Our elephant books for the week:- 

Monday morning was an early start for Elyse so we had plenty of opportunity to explore the playtable and her tot trays. 


The blue discovery box was great because it encouraged us to interact with the objects in new ways. Elyse put the owl in the box and gave it her dodo. And then, true to form, she turfed everything out of the tray and climbed in.   


I’d chosen cat as elyse’s first focus word because it was actually her first word ages ago but her pronounciation hasn’t improved. Also, my mums cat was staying with us while she was on holiday. 

Kealan was also thrilled with the elephant table. He lifted the elephants trunk and made an elephant sound (this carried on all week!)


He was also reasonably enthusiastic about his trays, and elyse’s. 

And he asked to paint. Dot markers weren’t quite as entertaining though.   

Both did well with the masks.


Tuesday morning Elyse was up early as seems to be the way now but I don’t mind. We have a bobo and then look at lots of books. She’s loves board books but not stories yet. She roars at lions and dinosaurs and makes a ssss sound at snakes. Then we work on our trays. 


Kealan completed some printables and worked through his three trays after breakfast. He’s is happy to do it but his colouring is lazy at best and pre writing isn’t as good as it was before. Not worried, just glad he willing to participate.



Then hubbie and I took them to soft play. We had a brilliant time.



And in the evening Kealan and I took a trip to the library. He never stops talking and even the librarians were laughing at his constant chatter.

Early Wednesday morning Elyse enjoyed stacking cups from her blue box and pushing the pegs again. 


Kealan woke up talking about diggers and I soon realised he’s had a dream. I explained to him about dreams and he seemed to understand. Then we had Oscar round to play whilst his parents moved house and a play date with new friends Arlene, Darragh and aoife. I had anticipated chaos especially given our potty training but actually it went very well and all 5 kids were great. 


Thursday was of course playgroup, the other mums were laughing at miss independent who crawled over to the snack table, climbed up, took a seat and grabbed herself a piece of toast!! And we went to the park in the evening. Kealan played football with daddy and elyse 

On Friday Kealan worked on his trays but to be honest he isn’t really grasping the letter e and seems to be stuck on the letter d. 

And Friday night was Tedjest, the father ted charity night that my amazing husband organised to raise money for the hospice. The first year we raised £3000 and had a great night and this year was better! No final figure (or photos) yet but it was a total success and I am very proud of hubbie.

Saturday Amy and I took the babies to rhythm and rhyme and then for lunch. It was lovely. After nap time Elyse worked on her tot trays and then we carried on our blue and cat themes with a blue cat painting. It did not go according to plan!!!




And Kealan and I made milk jug elephants. He enjoyed painting the glue on Elmer but refused to stick more than a couple of squares of paper on so I had to help. 

 We had elyse’s special bath at bedtime. The blue theme was simple but they enjoyed it. 

 On Sunday hubbie took Kealan out for a walk in the buggy to get a bun and this is becoming a tradition that he loves! 

And then he ‘helped’ with the playroom redecoration. 

And kealans special bath featured Elmer.   


Potty training – so week one of potty training went well. He had a few piddle accidents in the first half of the week but by Saturday he was able to go out for short period of time and stay dry. On Sunday he told us he needed to go without being asked. I am so thrilled with how well he has done.

Picture of the week:-  







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