Week 26 – 20th April 2015 – walking and wee-wee’s

Kealan is 28 months and Elyse is 12 months

Monday began with some walking practise for Elyse with her new pram. She’s doing much better with her walking but still favours her knees. 


Later that morning we had a play date at soft play with Oscar and Jamie. Lots of fun again. Kealan was able to manage the big section without me for the first time and Elyse did great on the slide. 


In the evening we took a trip to the park. Blowing raspberries on the swings was was a very popular activity.


On Tuesday we had a special day out. Elyse’s birthday gift from big sis Kirsty was a voucher for Build-a-bear. Kealan got a dog that he named Albie (after his favourite book character) and Elyse got a giraffe we called Gerald (after one of my favourite kids books, Giraffes can’t dance). Then we had a yummy lunch at Nandos. 


When we returned to the car Kealan held a bottle of water up to Albies mouth and said “Albie are u thirsty? Do u want a drink? Hmmm yum yum. No!! You must say please may I have a drink first!” So the 3 billion times we’ve gone over this must be sinking in!!!! Kealan is learning some interesting catchphrases from hubbie too and is now regularly running around the house shouting “no problemo!”

On Wednesday we went to rhythm and rhyme with nanny. Despite a little fever from her injections the week before little Elyse decided today was the day to start walking. She is holding my hand but is managing quite a distance. She also managed some steps on her own.  And Kealan is really starting to participate, he danced to head, shoulders, knees and toes and dingle dangle scarecrow. He also got an instrument for himself and Elyse and put them back as soon as he was asked. Proud mummy. 


  In the evening we had friend heather, Sarah, Matthew and baby Ben round for dinner. We all played in the garden and Kealan shared all his toys very well. No good photos but the kids were great and ate all their dinner.


As anyone who has ever read my blog will know, Thursday is playgroup day. Elyse is practising walking lots. Kealan’s first steps were 2 weeks after his first birthday and Elyse is exactly the same! She weighs almost exactly the same as he did when he had his one year check.  My babies are so different in personality but so similar in so many ways. At playgroup I had lots of compliments about how well behaved they both were.  


But maybe it was this ice cream after dinner that began the hyperness and subsequent naughtiness from Kealan. A very bold boy! 


Friday we went to another playgroup. Kealan was brave enough to do the big slide on his own!  

  And then we had a lovely picnic at the park on daddy’s lunch break.   

On Saturday morning Kealan and I played lots of interesting games during elyses nap. We made a cup “go boom” again with vinegar and baking soda. And again and again!  


And then I tried to get him to do some of our melissa and Doug shape pictures but it was a struggle. Only when I pretended to be the bird and asked him to help me fly again did he then agree to put the shapes on. And then he flew it around the room and gave it a hug. I was not allowed to give it a name, it was called birdie!


Then he made the dog and cleaned its teeth. And then, apparently, there was a big dinosaur outside that we had to hide from! 

After elyse’s nap it was rhythm and rhyme at the library. I was a very proud mummy when both my babies were super well behaved and Kealan did loads of actions. 

And then after nap time it was CIRCUS TIME!!!!!

Kealan was mesmerised whilst elyse wriggled her brains out. But everyone had a great time. I love the circus, not much is really magical but for me the circus has always been an unforgettable experience. And now being able to share it with all 3 of my babies, it was magic for me.

There’s not much to say about Sunday. Kealan went to the park with daddy in the morning and I prepared my relaunch of totschool for the following day. I suppose it was decided that I would potty train Kealan this week. He seems ready but I’m not sure I am. I bought him a potty and he used it very successfully in the evening. We also tried to put him in ‘big boy pants’ but alas they were far too big so he used them for a hat instead! 


Wish me luck!

And tot school returns in my next post with the completion of the letter E and the start of elyse’s very own tot school work.

Picture of the week:-   


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