Week 25 – 13th April 2015 – Mr Cool

The week began on Monday morning with some work on the letter E. Kealan worked on some printables by dotting the eggs on the letter E. He was super impressed when he discovered he could hold two pens at once!  



Later that morning we had a trip to a local soft play area with Lisa and Oscar. We all had a brilliant time. 


In the evening Elyse was dressed in kealans old puddle suit and shoes for some garden fun. 

   On tues morning Elyse had her first experience playing in the sink. Despite the apron every single thing she was wearing ended up soaked, as well as much of the kitchen. 


While Elyse napped I attempted some E is for egg related activities with Kealan using our nesting eggs. He did match the colours and sizes but wasn’t as successful at hiding the toy in one egg and then closing them all for me to find. He was excited that the toy I had picked was from our sorting set and decided he wanted to play with those instead…so we did. 


As Elyse was scheduled for her one year review and vaccinations in the afternoon I let her sleep all morning. But how to amuse my wee man? I took him up to the puzzle chest, sure that masses of toys he hadn’t seen in a long time would be a sure thing. Not so much. I had great fun though. I absolutely adore puzzles and board games (my son won’t look at them most of the time, figures!). So I thoroughly enjoyed taking them all out, looking at them and then putting them back. Many of them are far too old for him yet but I gather them up for next to nothing from charity shops, (many have never been opened, given kealans disinterest they might stay that way!). 


Then nanny arrived with a huge bubble wand for Kealan (and a beanie boo puppy for Elyse that I would give to her once she got her injections). 

 So Elyse didn’t take her 3 injections too badly. The new cuddly I gave her certainly worked in taking her mind off it. Then she was weighed and measured: she came in at a whopping 24lb, 91st centile and 98th centile for height. So that’s why I can’t get clothes to fit her! She’s only had her birthday last week and I’m squeezing her into 18-24 month clothes.

In the evening she had her first ice cream cone which she made very short work of.  


 Wednesday mum helped me bring them to rhythm and rhyme again which they both thoroughly enjoyed (despite the grumpy face). 


 When we arrived home Kealan demanded my shoes, worrying! 

 After her nap Elyse sat up at the table and played with toys. Now to the average parent I would think this would be a totally unremarkable thing. However, my son does not nor has ever done this alone! Not much with company either. I love how she interacts with toys and figures things out. Kealan only enjoys household objects such as brushes, bottles, the Hoover and shoes to name a few. 

And of course, only being 12 months, she did eventually fall off the chair, but as usual she didn’t hurt herself. Daddy brought home play sand which Kealan did actually play with for a good amount of time, as did Elyse but when she starting throwing fistfuls of the stuff she had to be taken away! 

 On Thursday we went to playgroup and I must have brought the wrong child home because this one is supercool! 

 Friday was a garden day again, they love it. As soon as the puddle suits come out Elyse goes bizerk! 


The evening nanny visited and we play diggers with a tub of pasta to dig. Almost impossible as Elyse threw the pasta across the playroom and then climbed in the tub! 

 On Saturday we spent most of the day in the garden again despite the cold. Kealan, after having spent 2 days carrying around kirstys hairbrush, has decided that the new object of choice is the dog lead. We have taken Bonnie on several walks and he likes to tuck it in the top of his jumper and says “I’m a doggy.”  

On Sunday Kealan went to the park with daddy while I carried on with my spring cleaning (I.e. Throwing stuff out!). So what happened to the letter E? Well…I’ve got a bit distracted by my desire to sort the house and kealans been distracted by the garden fun. Totschool seems to be on hold..again. On a positive note I did sort cleaning rotas, weekly menus, calenders, a budget folder, organised all the books, did all my filing, sorted my airing cupboard, tidied most of the garage, planned playhouse and playroom decoration and decided what I’m doing with kids sleeping arrangements. So lots done but no, I don’t think Kealan knows the letter E! Oops.

Picture of the week:-


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