Week 24 – 6th April 2015 – Parks and Puppets

Monday was full of party prep so the babies just had a trip to the park with daddy and a repeat of the easter bath. Kealan demanded to take his sunglasses this time which was hilarious! 

Tuesday was the big party for elyse’s 1st birthday, see previous post. In the evening we enjoyed playing with some of our new toys especially the puppets and scuttlebug.  


Then we had a special birthday bath for Elyse.   



The bath water was purple and we had pink and ivory balloons. I put bouncy balls and a toy necklace inside the balloons before I blew them up and let Kealan pop them to find the treasures. I also put rice inside two of the small ones so they made a lovely rattling sound when they both shook them. Kealan did really well blowing bubbles and as usual Elyse would have stayed in all night if we’d let her.

On Wednesday another insane activity amused Kealan. He enjoyed getting hard boiled eggs from the big vase decoration from the party, cracking them, peeling them, having me draw a smiley face on them and then throwing them around the kitchen until they split open (“like Humpty Dumpty”). Honestly the astonishing volume of toys we have and my boy plays with eggs! 


After elyses morning nap we headed to the park. Both thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially on the swings. 



And in the evening we went to a different park (we’re making the most of a few days sunshine)! 


On Thursday mum and I took Kealan and Elyse to an easter party. It was put on by Wee Wonders who run baby sign classes. I’d taken both Kealan and Elyse to 10 classes at the end of last year and it was lovely to hear all the songs again. Of course Elyse was straight over and commandeered one of the puppets for herself! 

Kealan was very unsure to begin with but came round and enjoyed the songs and making, what was meant to be, an Easter chick! 


 On Friday Kealan visited with nanny and grandad. He went for a walk to see the spring lambs, another trip to the park and had a very big lunch. Whilst Elyse and I had a playdate at Isaac and aoifes house. 


In the evening Amy and I took the babies to w5 (a mini science centre) to play. One exhibit is a fabric fish that rises up on a current of air generated from a big fan. Elyse got hold of it, scrambled on to the bench and did what she does with practically everything these days, she stuck it on her head! 


Which got her attention so Kealan stuck something on his head too! 


Saturday was a fab day. Elyse got her puddle suit on and got a free rein in the garden which she thought was brilliant and hubbie took Kealan to the shops. They had a cake in the cafe and he came home very excited, telling me all about it. 

And in the afternoon hubbie and I had a beautifully relaxed lunch at a restaurant by the sea: thanks mum for babysitting! Later in the evening a rare event occurred, both babies sat on my lap contentedly. We’d put on Baby Einstein puppets again which is the only thing that captivates Elyse. 


On Sunday Kealan and I started some work on the letter E. We completed a couple of E is for egg printables and then decorated 3 foam eggs. He glued eyes to one, elephants to another and then easter stickers to one. Looking forward to getting back in to totschool again. 


When Elyse was up from her nap Kealan pushed her in the buggy almost the whole way to daddy’s work.  Then we all went to the park by which time he was knackered.  


So except elyse’s party it was a simple week. Am eager to get the house better organised and totschool back on track but there’s never enough hours in the day.

Photo of the week:-



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