Elyse is One – the Party Post

Baby girls’ Easter extravaganza first birthday party almost didn’t happen as i was ill with a vomiting bug and only out of bed the day before.  That put an end to my puppet show plan and some of the other activities i’d hoped to do but hubbie, mum and i worked very hard and got the decorations and food organised.

P1010306 P1010307 P1010308 P1010555 P1010559P1010453

I’d ordered a special outfit for the birthday girl and i absolutely loved it, she was stunning.  Kealan had a smart new shirt and mummy and daddy scrubbed up too.



 The guests 

Our guests were Elyse’s godfather Drew, Lisa with Oscar, Mary with Bronagh and Sean, Emma with Issac and Aoife, Geraldine with Harry and Jamie and Leona with Kate and Isabel and of course us (Mum, Hubbie, Kirsty, Mark, Amy, Kealan and me!) 

 The entertainment 

Well, as i said, this wasn’t quite what id planned but thankfully the weather was kind and the kids enjoyed running about outside.  We also had a short rhyme time which made Elyse giggle.

P1010332P1010322 P1010382P1010372  P1010387P1010388

Everyone signed the now traditional A4 guest ‘book’ and also had a guess at what Elyse would be when she grew up. 


 P1010535 P1010536

The gifts   P1010311

From Hubbie and I Elyse’s main gift was a stunning wooden pram (an extravagant gift but something i hope she will one day give to her own daughter).  Also a Melissa and Doug puppet theatre with two Melissa and Doug puppets, a Puppet Company penguin puppet, an elephant puppet, a cuddly horse and a John Rocha outfit.  We also spray painted my dolls cot from when i was a little girl and i am so thrilled that now she will play with it as both i and amy did. 


 P1010439 P1010455 


From her siblings:- Mark gave her a Puppet Company Paradise bird, from Kirsty a voucher for Build-a-bear (can’t wait for this day out, she’ll go nuts!) and from Amy a doll embroidered with Elyse 1st Birthday.P1010406P1010422

From nanny and granddad:- 2 stunning John Rocha outfits, a wooden ladybird toy (i love this), a doll and a scuttlebug. 



From our guests:- Geraldine gave her a Leapfrog Violet bear, Mary gave a Puppet Company monster puppet, Emma gave a beautiful dressing up outfit, Leona brought a cool pink ride on, Lisa brought a cuddly elephant with baby and dribble bibs (wow do i need those) and Drew gave cuddly rabbits and an interactive bear. 

Other gifts were:- from her Godmother Elyse received a very generous voucher for Next and blankets especially crocheted for her new pram and cot.  From family friend Yvonne another very generous cash gift.  And from Heather a first baby Annabel, which Elyse now carries about with her.  

Once more we were overwhelmed with every ones generosity, we have a very happy little girl (and boy!).

P1010399 P1010403 P1010404  P1010411P1010421

The food and the cakes

There was nothing fancy about the food, just good standard party grub:- cocktail sausages, sandwiches, chicken goujons, pizza and crisps.  Throughout there had also been fruit, buns and popcorn available.   

The cakes were baked by my mum. The main cake was a classy affair in white with a wooden rabbit on top and edible flowers. It had four layers and tasted even better than it looked!



The smash cake was not so classy but was truly brilliant. The best bit of the party was watching Elyse with this cake. And the best bit of after the party was getting to spend two days eating the remains (one sneaky spoonful at a time when I went into the kitchen!)       

The party bag

This is my favourite bit of party planning so I went all out on these. After weeks of deciding and creating I finally settled on a carrot of play dough (I made these), an easter cutter, an easter lolly (I did not make these, lol), a bunny facecloth (I made these too, love them), a glass jar of marshmallows and a pack containing a foam egg and easter stickers to decorate it. I purposely did not include any chocolate as I was sure they’d all be sick of it. 


And the 3 baby guests received easter cuddlies. 


And that was our last first birthday, sob sob. However, only 36 more parties to do (one each, each year until they turn 18 plus I’ve promised Amy a sweet 16 super party) so I think I’ll be busy enough.

Massive thanks to all who came and helped to celebrate our beautiful little girl. She is an absolute joy and you never know, maybe Mary’s right, she might run the country one day! 


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