Week 23 – 30th March 2015 – Dinosaurs and Bunnies

After loads of prep the day finally came for our big dinosaur play date. We had 8 kids (aged 1-7) and 2 babies to play (and mummies of course).

We started by painting green some large letter d’s that id printed and cut out of card. 


While the paint dried we moved on to the dinosaur small world. They loved it! 

I let them play with the dinosaurs for about ten mins and then we erupted the volcano. Most of them were pretty young and mostly not even aware of what a volcano was but nevertheless…they liked it..whatever it was. So we did it again a few times. 

  Then I sprinkled more baking powder over the sand and gave them blue vinegar ‘dinosaur baths’ for more fizzy fun. I have to confess most of these ideas were not my own (as usual!) and were in fact pilfered from Beth at Livinglifeintentionally


Once the small world was a very trashed small world, and most of the children had begun to transform into smurfs from the hands up, we moved on to the dinosaur eggs. At the table I presented them with a nest of dinosaur eggs I’d created (see previous post).  

 As expected the little ones needed a little assistance but they all discovered their own little baby dinosaurs and took them back over to the small world to introduce them to the bigger Dinos. 


(Unfortunately after having had his first nightmare the night before (about a monster with a big foot) and having been awake since 3am poor Kealan faded badly at this point and began to cry. He needed sleep, badly!)

Our next activity was a story. Kealan absolutely adores Caryl Harts Albie books and we have featured ‘How to grow a dinosaur’ in a previous post. For the play date I had made a jellybean tree and created some vines by twisting brown paper and sticking on some fake leaves. I gathered some props and read them the story (of course they were most interested in the jellybeans!) 


For our last activity they finished their letter d’s by gluing on spikes, legs and tails and drawing on heads to make dinosaurs. 


And after all that it was definately time for food. Kealan had to be put to bed so Elyse ate hers and his! The ice cube tray lunch was very popular with many of kids and all the mummies but for a fussy eater (like my Kealan) it’s a bit of a challenge. 


After the playdate was over I felt totally overwhelmed. Kealan had got very upset because he was overtired and hadn’t enjoyed it at all. I was a bit gutted but quickly realised that I was actually quite unwell and the next 3 days I hardly made it out of bed. Thankfully my wonderful mum and husband were super, looking after the babies and the house. I just about made it out of bed on Easter Sunday and made a little easter hunt for Kealan, Amy and Kirsty. Kealan was absolutely ecstatic. This is definitely his favourite holiday and the Easter bunny is very popular!


And we had a special easter bath which was very popular. For some reason Elyse thought putting the foam eggs on her head was hilarious. 



Photo of the week:-



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