Week 22 – 23rd March – c is for cat & d is for duck

Tot school doesn’t have much of a structure for us right now. We’re moving up through the letters but I’m not pushing the printables, he will do a tiny bit but the time and effort it takes to prepare it all and get it all out and then he spends literally less than 30 secs on them can be very demoralising! So we’re doing a little craft and some special baths. Reading books about our chosen words and preparing for our big d is for dinosaur play date.

Monday was uneventful, we took a trip to the library and got some dinosaur books in preparation for the letter d and Kealan helped me make salt dough for the small world I’m building for our play date. 

 On Tuesday we went to soft play. 

And I can see a real change in kealan. He is playing with toys and able to amuse himself a little. He has been a joy recently, long may it continue! 


On Wednesday we finished off the letter c by decorating our big letter c. As Kealan really enjoys the Winnie the witch story books he decided our c for cat would be Wilbur. So we painted it black and stuck on whiskers, ears, tail and eyes. He loved it. 

In fact he wanted to carry on glueing so I drew a quick outline of a monster and gave him feathers and eyes. He did really well glueing inside the outline and created a lovely picture. 

 On Thursday we went to playgroup. Elyse found the hat again. She has a real love for hats (or really just putting anything on her head). So of course Kealan took it off her. 

 At the end the kids were given Easter eggs. Before I knew it Kealan had ripped his out of the box and was devouring it. He ate the whole egg as we walked home, repeatedly saying “hmmm, kealie like chocolate!” 

 In the evening I introduced the letter d with a simple d is for duck ‘special bath’ (as they are now called in our house, and repeatedly asked for!). 

 The bath water was yellow and we played with the bath ducks while I sang five little ducks.

On Friday I attempted to do some handprint ducks with Kealan but it did not go well! We also played with play dough for a while and he enjoyed using the rolling pin. 

On Saturday morning Elyse played with our fisher price piggy bank and got all the coins in the slot herself. She loves getting praise for getting them in and sat for ages. 

Then Amy and I took them to rhythm and rhyme at the library and both had a brilliant time. Must go back to this each week after easter. 

On Sunday Kealan and I mixed up flour, water, salt, sand and coffee to make dinosaur eggs. I made it into a sticky dough and wrapped it over some dinosaur erasers i found in the pound shop and baked for half an hour. They worked well, quite rubbery, prob a little tough for little hands to rip open but with a bit of help it should be fine.  And then we painted the volcano. I’d made this earlier in the week by moulding salt dough around an empty glass coffee jar and baking at 120degrees for 3 hours. I talked to Kealan about volcanoes and showed him them in some books. While the paint dries i showed him how I’d make it “go boom” by putting water and fairy liquid into a juice bottle and then adding baking soda and vinegar. He was super impressed and I had to do it over and over again until the whole house stank of vinegar.      

Photo of the week:-  

One thought on “Week 22 – 23rd March – c is for cat & d is for duck

  1. Wow! You are so creative! Your play dates look like so much fun and your special baths are amazing! You are building memories the kids will never forget! Looks like you had a great week! 🙂


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