Week 21 – 16th March – c is for cat, car and crocodile

Monday was a holiday for daddy so we took a trip to Peter pans. Of course, both Kealan and Elyse thoroughly enjoyed themselves and didn’t stand still long enough for me to get any pics. Got one of hubbie though!

And Elyse making a wonderful new fish/kissy face.

And after one last evening of prep Geraldine and I finally pulled together Jamies 1st birthday party.

Tuesday was the big party – Kealan was initially very clingy but soon came round and was quite social. As was Elyse of course! 

The birthday boy was Gorgeous as was mummy. 


Wednesday, as my party planning was all done (for a few days anyway) it was time to do a little tot school. C began with c for cat. We made a cat mask, which I was allowed to wear but Kealan only tolerated for about a second and a half. 


Next we did a few printables. He did great but it only lasted a minute. 


After dinner we went for a drive to the park and Elyse had her first go in a big car seat. She squealed with delight the whole trip. 

 And in the evening we had a c for cat bath.  




Thursday was a beautiful day and the kids got out in the garden for the first time this year. Of course now I’m itching to get their playhouse ready for the summer. 


We went to playgroup and in the evening I introduced Kealan to c is for car and they had a car bath. They really enjoyed this one!  


Friday was the solar eclipse. Kealan looked out and said “look it’s the moon” (I wasn’t too worried at him seeing it as it was pretty much covered by clouds but I distracted him quickly with the lacing and puzzles we were playing with; yes actually playing, he’s been so good all week and is starting to show some interest in toys and playing). 


Later that morning we went to playgroup and then the shops. Both Kealan and Elyse were brilliant and had good fun. We repeated the card bath again in the evening.

Saturday we joined Geraldine at a family fun day and although the activities were too old for him Kealan really wanted to join in and we made our own fun in the corner with a hoop and tunnel.  


In the evening we had a c is for crocodile bath. Another big hit and Kealan jumped up and down shouting I wanna get in. 


Kealan refused to get out of the bath for ages so I got him cleaning up. He washed away the crocodile painting with a sponge and when a semicircle of paint was left he exclaimed “oh I made a rainbow”. 


The weather was good on Sunday and Kealan just wanted to play in the garden.  Elyse was constantly filthy and I’d just got her dried and changed again when she climbed in to the water table!!!!! 



Photo of the weekend:- 




One thought on “Week 21 – 16th March – c is for cat, car and crocodile

  1. Can I please send my daughter over to you for bath time? How fun and so creative. Awesome job!!! (My daughter just got that same lawnmower in the mail today from her uncle. She absolutely loves it! She is obsessed with the gas can! Lol) Super job this week!!! 🙂


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