Week 20 – 9th March 2015 B is for bear

This week we were continuing with the letter b which began with a Teddy Bears picnic play date. I set up all our bears and prepared a bear lunch box for each guest. The first activity was for them to paint letter b’s I printed on card and cut out (for baby Elyse I did not cut it out as I felt she would be more likely to rip it). 

And guess what!!? Kealan participated! He painted his letter really well, I was thrilled.

Elyse thoroughly enjoyed making a mess too.

After a quick wipe down the kids reassembled at the table and I used a cardboard puppet theatre to tell the kids the story of goldilocks and the three bears. I let each child hold a bear cut out and focused on the concept of small, medium and large. They listened intently and at the end I told them that goldilocks needed their help. They had to help her make new porridge for the bears so they would forgive her. I presented them with cinnamon porridge play dough in the shape of a bear, porridge oats, cinnamon, raisins, sugar, scoops, small, medium and large bowls and spoons. Then the scooping mayhem began. Elyse and Jamie were given oats and raisins to feel and eat of course!


They all played for quite a while with this but it was poppy who revelled in it the most and focused very hard on both making porridge but also decorating her play dough bear.

Next it was the picnic. Bear shaped ham sandwiches, grapes, bear shaped cakes and crisps.

And by the end of the picnic our letter B’s were dry and ready to be transformed in to bears. Kealan really enjoyed gluing and Isaac was very proud of his creation.

I cut out and finished elyse’s later on that day.

And then in the afternoon my poor man had a relapse! He sat up in his cot about 10 mins in to his nap and sat almost totally still for an hour and made no sound. Eventually I decided I had to go and see what was wrong and found he had thrown up and was just waiting for me to come and help him. I felt a very guilty mummy! He was pretty ill until Tuesday evening. But thankfully I don’t think we smit any other poor children with the bug.

So we didn’t do much on Tuesday. Elyse isn’t herself either. They managed to play aquadoodle together for about about five mins!

On Wednesday Kealan seemed better so we had our usual play date with Oscar. I didn’t want him to miss out so I put on the teddy bears picnic again.

In the evening Kealan worked on the baby matching game I made for him with pictures of him, Elyse, Amy, me and mark. He did some matching but mostly we talked about who each baby was.

Thursday we went to playgroup as usual but then something terrible happened in the afternoon. Kealan learned how to take off his sleeping bag and refused to nap. OMG! No nap, how will I cope. He did spent about 10 mins trying to put his sock back on mind u which was nice to see (he’s still not even taking off his own coat or shoes).

On Friday Kealan had a bit of a cheerio obsession so I turned it into a fine motor skill activity by sticking some stands of spaghetti in some playdough and had him feed on the bits of cereal. He thought it was good briefly but then opted for breaking the spaghetti into little bits and then sticking them into the playdough.

Friday we went to a brand new playgroup. They both seemed to enjoy it and Kealan spent some time playing away from me which was nice to see especially in a new environment. When daddy got home from work we took a trip to McDonald’s and the shops. Both of them were in great form, Kealan’s such a happy (naughty but happy) boy at the minute.

Saturday was a grocery shopping day and Sunday was just a day at home. In summary there was very little focus on totschool this week.  We talked about b words a lot and completed a little work but not much. He is interested in letters now and can identify a and b. 

I will try to work on c this week but I have some other areas of focus right now. I’m helping my fiend with her sons first birthday party, I’m intent on cleaning and organising my whole house, I’m planning elyse’s 1st birthday party, I’m reading parenting books to decide on a way forward with kealans constant need for my attention and planning an overhaul of the playroom. I will def have to have some themed bath nights. Kealan asks for “an apple baff” every night now.

Picture of the week:-

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