Week 19 – 2nd March – B is for baby and messy Monday

With absolutely nothing prepared for ‘B is for baby’ and minimal ideas this will be a light week for tot school. I will gradually introduce the letter B this week by talking about it and have a few activities but most of the B focus will be next week with B is for bear.

Monday was the start of what I hope will be a fairly regular slot in our house – baby messy Monday. Hubbie took Kealan out while Elyse and Jamie had their first painting experience. True to form Elyse got stuck in as usual. Jamie was a little unsure at first but soon got involved. I’d used masking tape on a canvas to spell out their names and when we pulled the tape off I was thrilled with the end product.

Next we moved on to good old cooked and coloured spaghetti and in a cunning plan, tubs of water which soon washed off the paint.

In the evening we had some ball pool fun and the left over paint created a comical hair do for Elyse.

Tuesday was our 3rd day in a row of Kealan in fantastic form. It’s been hard to believe how much nicer life is when he is like this. We took a trip to a local soft play area and later to the library to get some b for baby books.

On Wednesday I showed Kealan how to wrap our baby doll in a blanket. I then had to spend the rest of the day doing it over and over again. He took the baby everywhere and fed and talked to her! I repeated b is for baby throughout the day and we talked about how to look after a baby.

When Oscar arrived for our usual playdate we got out the paint and they decorated letter b’s by painting with dodo’s. Elyse got involved too.

And afterwards we got clean.  Again tubs of water was an absolute hit with all three.

I’m the evening, after an entire day of trying, Elyse finally got her baby doll back of Kealan (for about two mins); as u can see he was distracted by the tv. Baby einstein puppets are the favourite.

I tried to get a selfie with my lovely hubbie but as usual he was having none of it.

Thursday morning we continued to talk about letter b words and our practical life skill was buttering bread on a board. Kealan loved this.

In the evening we had a b is for buzzy bee bath. Again this went down very well with both of them. Kealan wanted to paint too so he was given a brush to decorate the bath.

On Friday we continued the b theme and played with bubbles, baked a bear cake and had a b is for baby bath.

Poor Kealan vomited after his nap and he was quite ill until sun morning.

On Sunday Elyse was able to get the coins in our fisher price piggy bank. I was so impressed. She loves to copy.

Thankfully Kealan is much better and we’re all set for our b is for bear week starting with a teddy bears picnic play date.

Photo of the week:-

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