Fruit theme tot trays

These are Kealan’s 6 fruit themed tot trays for this week. We have only recently began using tot trays so it’s all still a bit of an experiment.

1 – ‘Place the apples on the tree’ was taken from Welcome to Mommyhood. I laminated the sheets and then put them on a baking tray. I used sticky magnetic dots on the back of the apples so they would stay in place once placed on the tree.


2 – Melissa and Doug cutting fruit


3 – I got these little glittery apples in a bunch of flowers from hubbie (glad I kept them). There are tongs for Kealan to transfer them from one bowl to the other.IMG_5293

4 – small, medium and large fruit sorting again from welcome to mommyhood.IMG_5296

5 – fruit counting.


6 – Apple kool aid play dough and fruit moulds.


So far Kealan (26 months) has shown an interest in these trays and played with some. He isn’t really ready for play dough yet and whilst he is able to sort and match he only does it briefly.

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