Bobo 6

Kealan absolutely loves his formula milk. Much to my shame he is still drinking from baby bottles and has far too much milk every day.  He’s never been a food fan and even when I cut the milk down to one small one a day he still didn’t love eating and missed the milk so much. In our house we call them bobo6. This began when both Kealan and Elyse had 6oz bottles with 6 scoops of milk and I would always count out the scoops as I put them in the bottle. He got excited when I got to 6 and named them bobo 6.

So this was an obvious invitation to play for Kealan and occupied him for a solid 2.5 hours today (1.5 this morning and 1 this evening).

1 empty carton of milk half filled with value flour, scoop and empty baby bottle.

He scooped and mixed and scooped some more. He also counted out the scoops as he put them in. And whilst it was a bit messy I couldn’t help thinking what a great activity this was when he was doing it. He was practising counting and improving his fine motor skills whilst learning concentration as he tried so hard not to spill the flour.


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