Week 18 – 23rd Feb 2015 – A is for Apple

Kealan is 26.5 months and Elyse is 10.5 months.

Tot school returned this week with a fruit theme. I’ve been questioning my approach to tot school. Kealan knows his colours, shapes, can count to 6 and has a good vocabulary so really it’s the alphabet that I would be wanting to focus on but unlike many totschoolers I am doing themes rather than the focus being a letter. This has made learning letters much more difficult as we’ve been dipping in to whatever letter went with a theme but not in any order. So I have considered changing to focusing on a letter each week instead. I’m still undecided but luckily this weeks theme was meant be food so I’ve narrowed it down to just doing fruit, with A for Apple as a focus.

Tot trays this week
1 – place the apples on the tree taken from welcome to mommyhood. I laminated the sheets and then put them on a baking tray. I used sticky magnetic dots on the back of the apples so they would stay in place once placed on the tree.

2 – melissa and Doug cutting fruit


3 – I got these little glittery apples in a bunch of flowers from hubbie (glad I kept them). There are tongs for Kealan to transfer them from one bowl to the other.IMG_5293
4 – small, medium and large fruit sorting again from welcome to mommyhood.IMG_5296

5 – fruit counting.

6 – Apple kool aid play dough and fruit moulds.

I had kept a crate that I’d bought oranges in and covered the writing with pics of fruit. Then I gathered our plastic fruit and added some new ones to make a lovely collection.


So this is the set up for this week. The letter A sheet is from 1plus1plus1equals1 and the baskets above contain the rest of the fruit printables, crayons, markers etc.

And here is where I put up completed work throughout the week. I got the poster for a £1 and as counting is also a focus right now some counting fruit pics. The work was what had been completed on Sunday (we started early because Kealan was really interested in what I was preparing) and Monday.


Monday – Kealan has somewhat rejected any tot school work or any activities i’ve tried to do with him lately so i entered this week feeling a little nervous/fearful of rejection.  But i have to say Monday went really well.  He asked to paint, asked about his tot trays, successfully used tongs for the first time, actually ate apple (Kealan usually refuses all fruit and vegetables) and for some unknown reason decided to be a pirate! (I must add that from no where kealan announced he wanted his pirate ship, i brought him his wooden pirate ship and he said no, i dont want that one.  After 5 mins i realised the only other pirate ship was his cardboard one he can climb in to.  He played with this once at Christmas and hadnt seen it since but for some reason it came in to his head). Elyse enjoyed putting the plastic fruit in a tub and shaking it and got involved in the pirate antics too.


In the afternoon little Elyse took a step towards me and when daddy came home she managed her first proper steps between us. So exciting.

In the evening Kealan and I made the Apple kool aid play dough for his tot tray.
1 packet of green apple kool aid
1 cup of flour
1/4 cup of salt
10g cream of tartar
1 tbsp vegetable oil
Mix all ingredients together and then heat in saucepan on a medium heat, stirring constantly until it forms a ball. Allow to cool and kneed.
It’s smelt amazing and was the best play dough I’ve made so far (Id been putting in too much salt).


Tuesday – in the morning Kealan wanted to play with his play dough (this is exciting for me, he hasn’t shown interest in very much recently so I’m thrilled). We made play dough apples and then made imprints using the plastic fruit.


Then we used some of the Apple printables to create lovely glitter pictures.

Kealan showed interest is lots of his trays today and showed his daddy the apple transferring using tongs.

We took a little trip to a local open farm and fed the animals. Kealan really enjoyed this despite the cold.


In the evening we continued the apple theme by making apple crumble. Kealan loves to mix at the moment so kept him happy.

On Wednesday Oscar came to play and he did really well with the tot trays. He made wonderful play dough apples and learned how to use the tongs while Kealan scooped and “made bobo’s” (and mess)!

In the evening Kealan enjoyed playing with his racing car puzzle with daddy. Then it was messy time. Spaghetti fun.

Thursday we practised cutting with scissors, dotted the shapes and glittered our apple pictures.

Before mother and toddlers both crazy babies were in a climbing mood. I’m gonna have to strip everything out of the playroom, elyse is a billy goat!!

I made an after nap invitation to play by wrapping the plastic fruit in tin foil. They both loved it and Kealan did really well at guessing which each one was before he unwrapped it. When they were all opened he demanded more and I wrapped up small toys and household items until I ran out of tin foil!

We finished the day with an apple themed bath.  I used washable paint to paint apple trees on the tiles and made some apples out of foam and wrote the letter a on them. I emptied a bottle of red food colouring into the water and added some red and green balloons as apples. Both Kealan and Elyse loved their special bath.

On Friday I started putting together a fruit sensory tub but he’d lost interest before Id even got it finished so that was that!

It was a day of madness. The pictures say it all.

We didn’t have much tot school on Friday but in the evening Kealan enjoyed playing a fruit game on my phone. I was impressed how many he knew and also his ability to use process of elimination to get the difficult ones.

On Saturday morning Kealan worked on sorting the small, medium and large fruit but didnt enjoy the counting chart.

IMG_5436 IMG_5437 IMG_5438

On Sunday Elyse played with the cutting fruit and was very keen to show me when she pulled each piece of fruit apart.  And lastly for the week Kealan decorated the letter A with fruit and A stickers for our playroom wall (we will complete the appropriate letter each week and add to our alphabet.  I must add that Kealan was only half interested in this activity so he got a little help.


Elyse’s progress this week:- She took her first steps, cut her 4th tooth and has begun to hand me objects and say ta ta.  Her favourites this week were this Fisher Price toy, books, the star stacking and Baby Einstein DVD’s (as usual).


In summary, it was a week of ups and down.  Sometimes the babies were in fantastic form and others they were screaming about nothing for hours.  Tot school went reasonably well and Kealan is definitely learning even if he only pays brief attention to a lot of it.  Im starting to get to grips with my tot school plan and intend to integrate Elyse more and more.

Picture of the week:-



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