Week 17 – 16th Feb 2015 – Family time

Hubbies week off work started with our valentines play date (separate post).
On Wednesday we travelled to Gosford forest park in rostrevor. They have a short Narnia walk but we told Kealan it was Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. He was very excited to go and sat contentedly in the car the whole way there. In preparation I had bought a packet of Ben and Holly figures that I hide around the forest when he wasn’t looking. We went to the castle first and he found Holly and Nanny Plum. He was a bit unsure about it all and wanted us to pick them up. He loved the elf trees but was a little frustrated he couldn’t open the doors. He found the wise old elf and Ben here. And lastly he was willing to pick up Gaston the ladybird himself. Afterwards we went to the park and had a brilliant time, we could hardly get either of them off the swings.  Can’t wait now for some warmer weather so we can do more things out doors.

IMG_5231 IMG_5237 IMG_5239IMG_5238IMG_5234 IMG_5236IMG_5232IMG_5235IMG_5233

Thursday we went to mother and toddlers as usual while daddy hit the gym.  And when they arose we took them to Peppa Pig at the cinema.  This was their first trip to the ‘big TV’ and i was very nervous that Kealan would be scared.  But he loved it!!!  And so did Elyse!!  Brilliant.

IMG_5245 IMG_5246 IMG_5240

Friday morning it was our favourite morning out, Peter Pans. Kealan’s climbing is improving every time we go and our little monkey Elyse is virtually unstoppable.

IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5258

In the afternoon Kealan played with his Melissa and Doug latches board and lacing beads.  He counted the animals behind the doors on the board.  He can now count items up to 6 before he gets a bit muddled up. It was only his second time lacing and he did brilliantly and really enjoyed it.  Here’s my lovely necklace.


And after dinner we went swimming.  It was Elyse’s first time and kealan hadnt been since he was a baby.  Again, i was nervous, assuming Kealan would only last 5 mins and that Elyse would love it.  Well Kealan, although a bit nervous, seemed to really enjoy it and has asked to go again many times since, again…we were chuffed.  Little Elyse clung to me throughout but i think she will enjoy herself the next time.

IMG_5280 IMG_5281

Saturday Kealan woke up a little unwell and said no for 5 hours straight.  Every word that was uttered to him was greeted with “NO!”  So i spent most of the day a little depressed at the thought of another two weeks of Kealan unwell and being absolutely unbearable to be around. However, whilst both Kealan and Elyse have colds and are quick to cry they have been ok over the weekend and Kealan showed a real interest in the tot-school work i was preparing for next week.

Tot school returns next week with fruit topic.

Photo of the week:-


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